Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am at a crossroads in my life right now. You might say a crisis of sorts. And since my daughter, on occasion, reads my blog, I will leave it at that. We are praying about jobs. Seriously praying about them. And expecting some news this week. All of this has me thinking about when you come to a place in your life where you don't know where to turn... what do you do?

My mother always told me to pray when I found myself in a situation where I knew it was bigger than me. Does that make sense? And this is the advice that I've always followed. Letting go... and letting God handle things. But sometimes this is easier said than done. I feel like I've been through the ringer recently. I'm not the type of person who harps on and on about life's problems (unless you're my Mom...she is the one who probably hears all of it). I am more of a 'suffer in silence' kind of gal. My husband is a 'suffer in silence' kind of guy... So when something is wrong, we are both very quiet. Reflective. Still.

In the weekly class that I teach, I challenge the girls to write down their problems and concerns on a note card, minus their names and leave them on the table for me. It's a play on leaving our problems at the foot of the cross. I take the cards and I pray over the situations for the girls all week. I take up their cause in the hopes that they don't worry as much. In doing so, it's allowed me an insight into the things that teenagers worry about most. Money. Boys. School Work. Parents. Grandparents. Economy. These girls are deep thinkers.

I find myself praying a lot. In the car. First thing in the morning when the alarm goes off. Walking to the car. Ironing. I either run through my list of people and prayers or I will pray that God will give me peace and tranquility. I have started praying as I wait to fall asleep at night... I figure it's the best way to have a good night's rest. In all of this, I feel as though I am growing in my spiritual life daily. And when I do this - I just PUSH - Pray Until Something Happens.

And while I'm in PUSH mode, I have to always remind myself of FROG (Fully Rely on God!).


Slacker MOM II said...

Praying for the answer! I am here if you need me for anything. Love you my dear friend!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

thinking and praying for you through this difficult time! I like the PUSH and FROG....never heard these before! thanks!