Friday, May 28, 2010

Accentuate the Positive....

Last night after having a conversation with my Mom about life in general, I realized one thing. I don't like to dwell on negative stuff. The bad things that happen in your life - or the people who do them to you. I would rather just go with the good and try to forget the bad things that come along.

We can't all be happy all of the time. Bad things happen to good people. Sometimes good things happen to bad people. We have to live and learn. Sometimes it's a life lesson that we need to be exposed to and other times I believe things happen to mold us and make us into the person that we are suppose to be.

In my life, plenty of 'bad things' have happened. My brother died. My grandparents were all sick before dying. My husband had a brain trauma just 2 months before we were suppose to be married. I lost a job that I loved after the attacks on 9/11. I've found out that people who I thought were my friends maybe were just a friend for a season or a reason and not for the long term. I had the baby blues. My parents have both had cancer. But through it all, I have tried to remain positive. Looking for the good in the bad. It's something that last night I learned should be commended because I have a tendency to be true to myself and those around me.

I hope it's a trait that I can pass along to my daughter. When things happen in her life that would be 'tragic' to a 12 year old going on 13 - I always ask her, is it going to matter 6 months from now? 6 years from now? when you're sixty? I try to show her that even though things don't always go our way, we have to evaluate the situation and move forward. Not being bogged down by whatever is negative. Look for the silver lining. Rainstorms don't mean something bad is coming - they're just helping to prepare the blessings that are going to follow.

I found this on a card in our room when I was cleaning the other night. I might have shared it before - but it's worth repeating. What you're willing to walk away from determines what God will bring to you. That's my deep thought for the day. I would much rather reap God's blessings that sit and stew in whatever it is that is or has made me miserable. What about you?

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