Thursday, April 15, 2010

Would you ever participate in "Wife Swap"?

On Tuesday I had the house to myself while I was getting ready to head out to my classes. I turned on the television in our bedroom and lo and behold, Wife Swap was coming on. What caught my attention was the fact that there were two families - one lived the pirate lifestyle and the other were the complete and total opposites. The second family - well the mom was an organization freak. Not that it's a bad thing. She labeled everything from the shelves in the pantry to the bins in the freezer. Talk about organized to a tee and she looked the part. The pirate mom.... she did let anybody 'swab' the decks. Their house was in total chaos. It was unreal.

It got me thinking. I've always said if Oprah's people ever called me (Or Ellen's or even heaven help us SPRINGER) that there was no way I'd be willing to go on a talk show or an episode of some reality series. Hello, did you not see Hope Floats, where poor Sandra Bullock, the former reigning Queen of Corn goes on a talk show and finds out her husband is leaving her for their neighbor... Her best friend???? Exactly my point. I figure those people who want to tell me something or show me something on national television are there to make a mockery of me or my lifestyle. Because why on Earth would they find something about my fix the breakfast/lunch/dinner and wash the dirty underwear lifestyle to be entertaining?

I didn't stick around to watch the end results of the show. Because for one thing, I knew this one was going to end badly. I saw the sneak peek where the couples sat down at the table and tried to discuss what they'd learned about each other. There was some finger pointing (by a husband) and some 'beeps' inserted over pirate momma's mouth. Just not for me. Too much reality is not such a good thing. Television for me at least, is all about the escape. Kind of like blogging. Few people in my reality know about this little thing that I do for myself. I don't advertise it.

So what about you? Ever thought about going on a reality show? And don't get me started about those real housewives! Because the ones from Atlanta ... well they're not a good representation of the housewives I've seen. I like the New York ones...but they even get on my nerves. I love Biggest Loser - and I have a great deal of admiration for their contestants being able to stand on a scale each week. Because when I weigh myself... I even make the cat leave the room. Heck, I would leave the room too if my presence were not a necessity. So what about you? Are you a reality junkie? Take them or leave them? Inquiring minds wanna know...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things are Winding Down...

Things are slowing down here. The semester ends in just a few weeks - and I think there's about a month before the summer term begins. Of course, this means that there's a ton of things to do between now and then. Papers to write. A student learning project to complete. Two video-taped lessons and their plans and my reflections to be written. An Individual Education Plan to tend to along with a case study that's a major part of my grade. Quizzes. Assignments. Finals.

You might be surprised to learn that Psychopharmacology has turned a corner...and I am almost glad that I did not drop the course. I have learned that it is possible to drink grapefruit juice and take medications that insist that you avoid grapefruit altogether. In fact, if you drink 8 oz of the 'juice, you only need to take 1/2 of the pill...saving yourself money. Did you know that Benadryl will help you with a 'going problem' as in urinary problems? It is true. And a good laugh gives you 30 minutes of endorphins and things that help you to relax and feel happy. And cumidin, the blood thinner, is actually D-Con. As in rat poisoning. And if more than 2% of it roams freely in your's not a good thing. People who take too much viagra see the world with a bluish tint and the Salem Witch Trials was all a result of people eating Ergot...

I've learned a lot about dyslexia. Okay, a lot might be an understatement. A ton might be better. I'm learning all sorts of strategies to help students succeed in learning. In fact, I'm learning that a good teacher doesn't have to know everything about History or Science...he or she just needs to know how to teach the student to apply their background knowledge and brain power to grasp the material at hand. In other words, a good teacher will TEACH the student how to learn the material. It's been really interesting.

My favorite part is working with a group of fourth graders twice a week for language arts. This happens to also be the class that I seem to get my observations from my professor during. I love these kids and am going to really miss them after my field experience ends next week. They are just a group of great kids and their parents have done a great job of raising them to be respectful...something that we really don't see too much of these days.

For my downtime, I've been trying to tackle some things around here that I've been neglecting for way too long. Like the bonus room - which for all intents and purposes has been a storage room for several months. Hopefully that will change soon. And the front hall closet - which is filled with a bunch of stuff that we don't need or use...that'll be next on my list. Hopefully I'll get these 'eye sores' taken care of soon enough so that I can focus on what's important.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rest in Peace, Dixie Carter....

Dixie Carter passed away today at the age of 70. I loved her on Designing Women. As a southern woman, she was a voice to be reckoned with. I love this - she's got spunk and class and she's the perfect big sister taking care of Suzanne here...

Rest in peace, Mrs. Carter - your fans will miss you!