Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Lonely Weekend...

After breakfast this morning, I thought I'd log in and check out what's been going on in the blogosphere. And I realized.... I have become and "epic fail" (in the terms of middle school children everywhere) in maintaining my blog. I used to regularly update things here in my online universe. Not so much lately. That's something that I feel the need to remedy... soon.

So today I'll update. Midterms went okay. Although I won't know anything until Tuesday. I think the threat of losing 2 or more students has made my professor reconsider the way that he teaches our class. The good thing is that our final will cover whatever is taught from this point forward - and it's supposed to become more of a psychology class from this point so we'll see. Good thing I'm not going to medical school!

My Dad made it through his surgery with flying colors. He is now the proud recipient of a newer device - out is the old defibrillator and in is something entirely new. The downside of this is that this means his heart constantly needs pumping because the old device just did half of the job for him. But the surgeon told us that this will allow his blood to circulate more and he should have some energy...which would be nice because he's always taking a nap in the recliner whenever I drop by. But he's home and he didn't even take the first pain pill for all of this and he can drive -so the latter part made him happy.

Hubs' knee is finally starting to feel better. He's working today - which is rare. With the budget cuts we've had over the past year in education, he was required to take 10 furlough days within this fiscal year. He took his last one this past week. It will seem strange to actually have 'normal' income now! The latest mess here is that they're going to cut something like 622 positions there but I think it'll mostly be faculty and he'll be okay. Fingers crossed.

The Bug is at a weekend retreat with our church youth group. She left last night. The house is really quiet today with everyone gone. I'm hoping that she has a great time this weekend. It's pretty much a county wide thing so there should be quite a large number of 'teens' participating. I'm dropping off baked ziti at the host family's house tonight so maybe I'll get to see her for a minute or two. I think it's great that she has a lot of good friends who were going. One suggested that they all meet up in the bathroom when they get to the facility with their individual churches. For some reason I thought this was cute... meeting in the ladies room. We'll see them all tomorrow at church as they're sort of taking over the second hour of worship and I can't wait to hear about what a great time they've all had.

Speaking of the house being quiet, I should probably log off and go and clean. Hubs had been doing a majority of the dusting and vacuuming since I've been so busy with school lately. I need to do some deep cleaning ... and last night I after The Bug left, I went into her room and noticed what a mess everything is... I am thinking that maybe her room needs an overhaul while she's gone. And then there's always laundry to be done!

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The Source said...

Hey! Good to hear from you finally! I'm glad school is going ok and really proud of the Bug this weekend...her retreat and all.

What's up with the kids and their "epic fail" business anyway? Although, I have to admit it's better than "Oh snap!" I hated that one!