Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thank you God...

Thank you God for giving me parents who love you. Without them, I would be nothing.

Thank you God for giving me a husband who supports me in my decisions and dreams. A husband who loves you above everything else in this universe.

Thank you God for giving me the most precious child who stood up this morning in church when so many other youth were afraid to speak and talked about how she felt your awesome presence this weekend at the youth revival services. How she was moved by the messages and the music and she loves worshipping you.

Thank you God for the girls in my Sunday School class. Often times I feel hurried in preparing for our weekly 'meetings' but today I was able to look at them and celebrate in the fact that they love you.... they are willing to come to church and be open and honest about where they are in their daily walk with you.

Thank you God for our pastor. How he has the ability to speak to my heart and deliver to me the message that I need to hear - at just the right time. For his compassion and his love of your congregation. For his ability to remind us that we all are human and fall short of the glory of God - and yet we are salvageable. And loved by you.

Thank you God for sending you son, your only son, Jesus, who took on my sin as he hung on the cross that day at Calvary. He lived a sinless life and yet he died the death of a sinner - in my place - so that I don't have to spend an eternity in Hell but instead I will be able to spend an eternity in Heaven.

Thank you God for your forgiveness. I am a sinner. Daily. I am unworthy of the love that you have shown me. Of the sacrifice that YOU gave so that I can have this relationship with you and to know that my eternity is secure through the unselfish love that you demonstrated to save me...a sinner.

Thank you God for saving me. Because without you, no matter what I might have thought, I would be nothing. Lost. Destitute. Doomed. Unforgiven. Unclean. Unworthy.

With you - I am a child of God. Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven. Forgiven.


What a beautiful word ...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Lonely Weekend...

After breakfast this morning, I thought I'd log in and check out what's been going on in the blogosphere. And I realized.... I have become and "epic fail" (in the terms of middle school children everywhere) in maintaining my blog. I used to regularly update things here in my online universe. Not so much lately. That's something that I feel the need to remedy... soon.

So today I'll update. Midterms went okay. Although I won't know anything until Tuesday. I think the threat of losing 2 or more students has made my professor reconsider the way that he teaches our class. The good thing is that our final will cover whatever is taught from this point forward - and it's supposed to become more of a psychology class from this point so we'll see. Good thing I'm not going to medical school!

My Dad made it through his surgery with flying colors. He is now the proud recipient of a newer device - out is the old defibrillator and in is something entirely new. The downside of this is that this means his heart constantly needs pumping because the old device just did half of the job for him. But the surgeon told us that this will allow his blood to circulate more and he should have some energy...which would be nice because he's always taking a nap in the recliner whenever I drop by. But he's home and he didn't even take the first pain pill for all of this and he can drive -so the latter part made him happy.

Hubs' knee is finally starting to feel better. He's working today - which is rare. With the budget cuts we've had over the past year in education, he was required to take 10 furlough days within this fiscal year. He took his last one this past week. It will seem strange to actually have 'normal' income now! The latest mess here is that they're going to cut something like 622 positions there but I think it'll mostly be faculty and he'll be okay. Fingers crossed.

The Bug is at a weekend retreat with our church youth group. She left last night. The house is really quiet today with everyone gone. I'm hoping that she has a great time this weekend. It's pretty much a county wide thing so there should be quite a large number of 'teens' participating. I'm dropping off baked ziti at the host family's house tonight so maybe I'll get to see her for a minute or two. I think it's great that she has a lot of good friends who were going. One suggested that they all meet up in the bathroom when they get to the facility with their individual churches. For some reason I thought this was cute... meeting in the ladies room. We'll see them all tomorrow at church as they're sort of taking over the second hour of worship and I can't wait to hear about what a great time they've all had.

Speaking of the house being quiet, I should probably log off and go and clean. Hubs had been doing a majority of the dusting and vacuuming since I've been so busy with school lately. I need to do some deep cleaning ... and last night I after The Bug left, I went into her room and noticed what a mess everything is... I am thinking that maybe her room needs an overhaul while she's gone. And then there's always laundry to be done!

Monday, March 1, 2010

This week

Busy week ahead. I have two mid-terms this week. My Dad's having surgery tomorrow afternoon. I have two days of observations to do. I need to get myself busy on my student learning project. I have a couple of interviews to do with various teachers. Projects. Papers. March is going to be an extremely busy month.

It's getting warmer - and it has me thinking that I have got to do something to motivate myself to get into better shape. I know, I know.... it's a constant theme around here. Weight loss. Fitness. Healthier eating. Blah Blah Blah. Truth be known, I just would like to feel comfortable being me...just a little smaller please. I've really got to figure out what I'm going to do.

My spring break is next week - one bright shining sun filled spot in the middle of a Monday is the fact that next week there are no exams, projects, assignments, no driving to class. No observations. I can sit back and relax. Well actually try to catch up on my housework around here. And try to stay off of things like Facebook.

There are a million other things roaming through my brain, but my hyper emotional self won't let me type any of them out right now. Don't worry - things are fine here. It's problems with the extended family that I just don't get. And how SELFISH people can be to get their own way and what they want for themselves...barring the feelings of everyone else. I'm not bitter - I'm just over it.

So until the next time...