Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to Study

It's the fourth week of classes. I have an exam in my physchopharmacology class tomorrow night. That's made me a nervous wreck. I think I spend all of my free time now studying or thinking that I should get busy and study. This morning is no exception... I got up, took The Bug to school, came home and cleaned the kitchen... and have procrastinated about studying ever since!

I think I might know the solution to my problems. I need to take in my digital voice recorder for class twice a week. He's covering so much information that it's all been hard to organize my notes along with the study guide that he gave us at the beginning of the semester. We'll see how that goes.

With my other classes so far I have all As. I am a taskmaster when it comes to making good grades. Someone told me the other day that if nothing else you can expect a C in psychopharmacology. She might as well told me there were lobsters crawling out of my ears and my hair was on fire. Stay tuned...this could get to be very interesting.

Other than that, I think I am actually ready for spring. Remember last year when I planted those zabillions of flower bulbs? I see tiny little green sprigs poking through the cold brown soil. I am hoping that the daffodils, irises and hostas all just take over the areas where they were planted. With the extra cold weather we've had lately, I'm concerned that some of my lantana might not make it this season. I love lantana...and all of the butterflies it attracts....and the fact that the deer won't eat it! I want to be able to escape to my yard and enjoy all the springtime beauty...

So until next time...I'm off to grab my text book and a bowl of brownies. Chocolate therapy at its best!


The Source said...

Oooohhhh...a challenge! Just what you wanted, right? Heather LOVES when a teacher declares that no one makes an "A" in their class. The AP History class she's in right now...where all but 8 of the 22 students dropped within three weeks...the instructor warned them that they wouldn't even get a "B" if he had anything to say about it because they're only high school Juniors and don't "deserve" such a grade in a college level course.

She made a 97 first semester!

Go get 'em, Slack!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I love hearing about your adventures with school and hope to one day return myself! Spring... whats that? Don't think I'll be seeing any signs of spring for another 6 weeks! :)