Thursday, February 11, 2010

College in the Middle Ages

College in the Middle Ages. As in my college experience in my era of middle age ... Maybe I could have a theme song, something to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies....
I won't bore you with my own version of lyrics. But I will tell you... returning to college in the 'middle ages' is an adventure.

I called my parents yesterday to ask if, at any time, they thought I had a learning disability. Because I cannot remember stuff. Nothing. You know that expression CRS? Well, it definitely applies to me! I'm surprised they don't have special parking for the geriatrics like me who decide to go back to class. I've been resorting to eating apple slices with peanut butter before class. Don't ask the specifics...apparently the combination makes you smarter. I'm thinking about peanut M&Ms while I study and take tests...because it's supposed to help with your recall memory. I find myself googling "foods to help with your memory" on an almost daily basis. But on the bright side, I haven't lost my van in the parking lot like I did last summer in the 17000 level parking deck. That's the one advantage to going to a smaller campus. But I have lost my keys within the confides of my book bag. Maybe I need to invest in The Clapper?

I discovered exactly how old I am tonight. We were sitting in psychopharmacology when we were discussing this one student's upcoming marriage and what would relax her when I said "Have you ever seen "Sixteen Candles? Where the sister is getting married and she's taken the stuff for her cramps and she is hilarious in her veil at the ceremony?" They looked at me like lobsters had suddenly tap danced out of my ears and were performing on the tabletop. Do you know who knew exactly what I was talking about? My professor... and the 50-something year old sitting on my left. The others were CLUELESS. Heck, they've probably never seen that one EITHER.

All kidding aside, I knew going back to school would be a challenge. I never expected it to challenge my memory like it has. I remember (vaguely) reading once that your brain power has peaked at 40... and it's all downhill from there. I just read this week that all phases of menopause effect a woman's memory. Lovely. Something else to look forward to right?

We've got a quiz Thursday night. Our public school system is on break this upcoming week and we're having a snow day tomorrow. I'm hoping to take advantage of all of this time and get ahead in my coursework in some of my classes so that my brain can have a little bit of a rest. Eventually.

College in the middle ages... gotta love it. Let the adventures begin.


The Source said...

I can't comment about the after-40 syndrome, but let me assure you that the menopause bit is 100% true. Since August (and the total hysterectomy) I seem to have lost about two thirds of my working brain cells. I can be in the MIDDLE of a conversation and suddenly it's like a switch was turned off. I cannot remember what point I was trying to make or even what we were talking about. Even with the hubby prompting me, it's all gone. Seven months ago I never needed to write things down...I just kept a running list in my head of appointments, errands, things I needed to pick up, practice schedules, etc. Now? Now I can't remember that I wrote them down...or where I wrote them. We've tried changing hormone dosages with no luck. I'm getting as bad as my grandpa...but he's EIGHTY-EIGHT years old! And he has Alzheimer's. I don't! I just have no umm...female innards. I never knew that so much depended on proper, natural hormones. I'm sure we'll get it worked out one of these days. In the meantime, the kids are ready to send me to the funny farm.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I laughed and agreed with most of your post and though I would write something witty... but FORGOT what I was going to say. haha

Still hats off to you for all you are doing! You are inspiring, to say the least!