Thursday, February 25, 2010


Has it already been 34 years? So many years have passed since I've heard your laughter. I think that, as time passes, my heart misses you more than I would have ever thought possible back then. But as I was reminded today, we'll see each other again one day. I love you. I will always love you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Thoughts Running Through My Head

My head is about to explode. Seriously, if you hear a report about it on the news, you could say "Hey, I know her! Oh well...wait... I've read her blog." A lot has been happening lately...

My Dad is going to have to go back into the hospital and have his defibrillator battery changed. It's an outpatient procedure apparently. I can't remember what they ended up doing the last time. And God bless my Daddy, he is not the world's best patient. Hence, up the stress level at the Slackermomma's Parents house. We are having to wait a few weeks because he has to come off of the blood thinner he takes for his artificial valve. Speaking of that - he has some hardening around said valve...which is not good and I don't believe was supposed to happen. So we are all worried. Because there's no valve replacement for valve replacement.

Hubs has gone back to work following not-as-successful knee surgery on the right knee. He is still in some pain. Not good.

The Bug has been sick since last week - Thursday I kept her home. Friday we had snow. She was sick again on Saturday. We went to the Dr. on Monday - to be told it's upper respiratory. She's feeling better now but what a crummy way to spend winter break. On the flip side, at least I didn't pay for her to attend ski-Bible week in Gatlinburg... because she would have been at home with me. But she was going to go to volleyball camp... and didn't.

My sister has apparently burnt her cookies. She is rewriting history and coming out with all sorts of revelations about her past that I really don't want to know. She's dating. She's still married by the way. It's really WEIRD And she doesn't read here so I had to get that off of my chest.

And now on to the me drama. As you know, school is making me crazy. I find myself muttering along the pain reliever aisles at Walmart because my head hurts. Tonight was the final straw. I had spent all day studying for a quiz in my psychology class. We are talking probably eight good hours with no interruptions. The Bug was at my parents. Hubs was a work. Even the cat left me alone. I go to class. Take the quiz. I get 10 wrong. I get 10 right. I make a stinking 50! Even with the curve of the question that he mistyped the answer on... I still have an F. I am on an academic scholarship - have I ever mentioned that before? I have to maintain a B average. I have a GPA of around 3.9. I do not like Fs on quizzes. Last week he gave us an assignment - 5 questions to answer. I researched the topics and was sure I was right on. I get back my paper. He's decided one is completely wrong and another is wrong because I didn't include the right wording. WHAT???? So guess what? I got a 60. Barely out of F territory.

So tonight the smartest person in the class says... Are we past the withdrawal point? That worried me. Because she teaches Chemistry and Latin. Hello? Notice... she has a job teaching with science. I took my last high school science course in 1986. I took a semester in Biology a couple of years ago. I do not like science. I am not good in science. Just a few minutes ago I got a text from one of my classmates about how unreal the test was. She made the same grade as me. I think maybe she's got an average that's five points higher than mine. Still failing in my opinion. I just told her that I think I am going to withdraw from the course. I can't handle the pressure of failing over an elective. Give me a reading class or something....where it will help me teach these kids that I'm going to work with. Don't just shuffle me into a room because you need to help someone fill up his quota to keep his job. Because that's how I feel right now. I am so far out of my element it's not even funny.

Well, maybe it would be on a funny farm. But with my luck, Chevy Chase would be there. And that, in my book, would be as bad as taking this class.

Comments? Suggestions?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

College in the Middle Ages

College in the Middle Ages. As in my college experience in my era of middle age ... Maybe I could have a theme song, something to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies....
I won't bore you with my own version of lyrics. But I will tell you... returning to college in the 'middle ages' is an adventure.

I called my parents yesterday to ask if, at any time, they thought I had a learning disability. Because I cannot remember stuff. Nothing. You know that expression CRS? Well, it definitely applies to me! I'm surprised they don't have special parking for the geriatrics like me who decide to go back to class. I've been resorting to eating apple slices with peanut butter before class. Don't ask the specifics...apparently the combination makes you smarter. I'm thinking about peanut M&Ms while I study and take tests...because it's supposed to help with your recall memory. I find myself googling "foods to help with your memory" on an almost daily basis. But on the bright side, I haven't lost my van in the parking lot like I did last summer in the 17000 level parking deck. That's the one advantage to going to a smaller campus. But I have lost my keys within the confides of my book bag. Maybe I need to invest in The Clapper?

I discovered exactly how old I am tonight. We were sitting in psychopharmacology when we were discussing this one student's upcoming marriage and what would relax her when I said "Have you ever seen "Sixteen Candles? Where the sister is getting married and she's taken the stuff for her cramps and she is hilarious in her veil at the ceremony?" They looked at me like lobsters had suddenly tap danced out of my ears and were performing on the tabletop. Do you know who knew exactly what I was talking about? My professor... and the 50-something year old sitting on my left. The others were CLUELESS. Heck, they've probably never seen that one EITHER.

All kidding aside, I knew going back to school would be a challenge. I never expected it to challenge my memory like it has. I remember (vaguely) reading once that your brain power has peaked at 40... and it's all downhill from there. I just read this week that all phases of menopause effect a woman's memory. Lovely. Something else to look forward to right?

We've got a quiz Thursday night. Our public school system is on break this upcoming week and we're having a snow day tomorrow. I'm hoping to take advantage of all of this time and get ahead in my coursework in some of my classes so that my brain can have a little bit of a rest. Eventually.

College in the middle ages... gotta love it. Let the adventures begin.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to Study

It's the fourth week of classes. I have an exam in my physchopharmacology class tomorrow night. That's made me a nervous wreck. I think I spend all of my free time now studying or thinking that I should get busy and study. This morning is no exception... I got up, took The Bug to school, came home and cleaned the kitchen... and have procrastinated about studying ever since!

I think I might know the solution to my problems. I need to take in my digital voice recorder for class twice a week. He's covering so much information that it's all been hard to organize my notes along with the study guide that he gave us at the beginning of the semester. We'll see how that goes.

With my other classes so far I have all As. I am a taskmaster when it comes to making good grades. Someone told me the other day that if nothing else you can expect a C in psychopharmacology. She might as well told me there were lobsters crawling out of my ears and my hair was on fire. Stay tuned...this could get to be very interesting.

Other than that, I think I am actually ready for spring. Remember last year when I planted those zabillions of flower bulbs? I see tiny little green sprigs poking through the cold brown soil. I am hoping that the daffodils, irises and hostas all just take over the areas where they were planted. With the extra cold weather we've had lately, I'm concerned that some of my lantana might not make it this season. I love lantana...and all of the butterflies it attracts....and the fact that the deer won't eat it! I want to be able to escape to my yard and enjoy all the springtime beauty...

So until next time...I'm off to grab my text book and a bowl of brownies. Chocolate therapy at its best!