Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Beginnings....

What is it about a new year dawning that you feel like you are capable of doing anything? We set resolutions - make promises of things we are going to do or change in the next 365 days. We catch ourselves reading articles about improvement....whether it's about weight loss or organization or spiritual well-being... we feel like there's no limit to the possibility of changing.

Today our plan was to start the South Beach diet. And we were a few hours in when a phone call from Hubs' doctor changed that. Instead he has to go on a low-cholesterol diet. I have to stop by their office in the morning to pick up some literature, which I am sure includes a diet plan for him to follow. Rather than my continue on my own way, I'll do this with him so that it will be easier on both of us. We both talked about how we've got to get healthy - healthy so that when we're older we can still enjoy life and how it's important to do this for The Bug....so that she has both of her parents around for a long time. So that's what's on the horizon health-wise. Oh, and he'll have to have knee surgery on the other knee soon...he has an appointment to discuss this with the surgeon on Friday.... unless the snow we are expecting changes all of that!

I am also expanding my horizons....meaning my classes start Thursday. Tomorrow is orientation where I'll hopefully find out why I haven't been able to register for my classes - very frustrating! My advisor was supposed to find out today but I haven't heard from her. I've ordered a small fortune's worth of textbooks so we'll see how this all goes. I'll take 5 classes this semester and will be finished and student teaching in the fall of 2011...seems like a long time and I wonder sometimes if this is the best thing for my family. I worry about the economy during this time since I am not working like I used to. I will have to do 12 hours of classroom observations & teaching this semester in addition to my 5 classes.

I need to work on simplifying things around the house. De cluttering. Budgeting. Simplifying those things that seem to clutter up things around our home. Like the bonus room ( a constant theme around here!), the guest room, and especially the garage. I need, I guess, to decide what is important to me and to my family and focus on making those things special while I learn to let the fluff (the rest of it all) go.

As far as resolutions go, I haven't really sat down and listed any. I'm still trying to come up with my One Word for the year. Taking daily pictures to reflect what's been happening in our lives. I'm just hoping right now not to feel overwhelmed so that I can enjoy myself more and worry less.

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

you poor thing - you sound like your cup has runneth over! But yet you are doing good things for you and for your family. I commend you for the back to school thing - my cousin did it years ago and has been a successful teacher since and loves it. She said a professor once told her "the time is going to go by whether you do something or not" so she plugged away little by little taking classes!