Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dutchess Big Hair...

I'm sitting here watching Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisters. I was looking for something tonight to keep my mind entertained. Walked into the bonus room and headed to the VHS tapes rather than the DVDs once I realized there was nothing on cable. There's just something about a Sandra Bullock movie on a cold winter's night.

So why Dutchess Big Hair? That's my ya ya name according to the name generator.... found HERE Well let me correct that statement. It's my ya ya maiden name. Married I'm simply known as Viscountess Fresh-as-a-Daisy. But I'd rather be known for big hair, my favorite thing from the eighties.... not that smelling good isn't a good thing. But I'm a fan of big hair...the bigger the better! The way to toy with me would be to tell me that big hair was making a comeback... I'd whip out my hot rollers and a big can of RAVE and we'd be in business! But until that day, I'll flat iron my hair.

Now there was a time when my hair was short. And I wore it straight on purpose. Well maybe three times. Once I was maybe three and Momma took me to get a hair cut at the Clip n Snip... or some beauty parlor with as an adorable name. I got a pixie. All of my long hair was gone... and I headed home proud as punch until someone thought I was a boy... and that was the end of short hair for me until I was much older.

After The Bug was born I just didn't have time to keep up with the length of my hair so I had it cut into a bob. One so short that they had to actually trim the hair at the nape of my neck. And I wore it straight with straight bangs. I loved that hair style because it was easy ... wash n wear. Until my hair decided it was time to get curly...

Another time I went in to get my hair done and the girl who cut it was supposed to give me The Rachel... you know, like Jennifer Anniston on Friends. Instead she complained about her family the entire time and I walked out with really short hair that made me look like my sister every time I looked in the mirror. It wouldn't grow out fast enough... so I went in wanting to be Rachel and instead walked out looking like Judi. It was right around my birthday ... and I was not happy.

Not that this was supposed to be a post about hair. But I did notice that all of the ladies in the Ya Ya movie have extremely attractive hair. And their southern accents aren't so bad... it's sort of like watching Darryl Hannah attempt at being southern in Steel Magnolias. But that's another movie for another night.

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