Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Wow - the season is upon us. Where did November go? Much less October or even September? Heck, what about my 20s and 30s? Okay, so maybe that's too much...but you get my drift...

The Bug is at a STN party and we have the house to ourselves but rather than having date night, I am instead upstairs with the humidifier going full steam ahead with no voice and chronic bronchitis while I watch "White Christmas" on AMC. I love this movie...It was always one of my Mom's favorites and often times we watched it while we put up our Christmas tree at our house.

This week is packed with activities.
  • Wednesday night is the youth-wide Christmas Party at Church... exciting!
  • Thursday is the choral winter concert. She is in the treble choir and really is enjoying being in this 'elite' group although some of her friends are giving her a hard time because their director always says "treble does this and this and that" whenever she scolds the mixed choir. Times have changed - when I was in school it was a bigger deal to make it into the mixed choir... who knows?
  • Aside from that, I am taking a group of 7th and 8th grade students to see a local church's Living Christmas Tree production on Friday night - and then we are hitting Starbucks for some refreshments. I'm excited about this since it'll be our first official out of the class activity and another opportunity to get to know the girls in my class a little bit better.
  • Saturday night The Bug is having a party here at the house and seems excited about it. I'm creating a few games for the girls to play - hopefully I'll finish them in time - one being Santaopoly... my Christmas spin on Monopoly. I'll have to post pictures!
  • Sunday we are finally having my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary party. We're doing a Christmas open house and combining them. I only hope everything goes as planned as my being sick certainly isn't much help!

So with the busy schedule, I am in serious need of a cure for this sore throat/stuffy nose/coughing/feverish shell of a body of mine. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears... I have got to get better and soon. Apparently the antibiotics aren't doing the trick as I still have the fever. My throat is killing me! And the week following is even busier!


The Source said...

Go to the nearest authentic Chinese Restaurant. Order some "Hot and Sour Soup." Grab a box of tissues (preferably know, to ensure the hubby's job security.) Get in the bed. Drink the soup. Wipe your nose because it's going to run like crazy once that soup starts working.

I don't know how or why, but this strange cure has worked for the hubby and the Pip Squeak on numerous occasions. A couple of weeks ago poor Pip was miserable and nothing helped...not stuffy nose meds, not antihistmines, not nasal spray, not hot showers, vitamin C, orange juice overload, nothing. His daddy brought home a container of soup, Pip drank a mug full. Thirty minutes later, he sneezed out about 3 gallons of snot. (TMI, I know.) Stuffiness disappeared, post-nasal drip ceased which caused throat to feel better and he was completely cured within 24 hours. Seriously. Try it. If you can gag it down. Don't look at it, though, because it looks disgusting.

Feel better!!

Oh, and how did the ceremony go with your dad and the music hall of fame? I've been dying to hear!

The Source said...

Oh, and I forgot to say "I LOVE the bloggy makeover!" So cute!