Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's already Tuesday and Christmas is how many days away???

I cannot believe that we are only 10 days away from Christmas. When did this happen? Where did the end of November and the first 15 days of December go? I want them back!!! I need more time!!!

Ever feel that way? Like time is actually like sand through the hour glass (thank you Days of Our Lives)? I sometimes stop and think that I'm so busy trying to do for my family and take care of everything that one day I'm actually going to sit down and realize I'm old and time has flown by in my rear view mirror. What can you do to stop time? We always threaten that we're going to put a book on The Bug's head and hide her away from the sunshine to keep her little...but then there's that dealing with DFACS thing and I'd rather not get involved. LOL

I am bound and determined to get some Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree tonight. The problem is that I've overbought... I could tell when I peered into the hiding closet today and saw everything that was in there. I need to get some things together and in the mail to my nephew who is in Iraq. I feel guilty not having mailed anything yet, but I figure this will be a birthday/Christmas package - his birthday is in a month.

Went shopping with Momma today. She has convinced me to go to one of those boutique's where they actually fit you for a bra. She has tried to convince me to do this for a while...but I caved this afternoon and made an appointment for a fitting for later this week. I will have to report all of the embarrassing details. I am also going to see my grandmother at the hospital. This will be our Christmas visit and I am not sure what to take her. I thought about doing a miniature tree with lights for her room - but she's never really been the type to put up a tree. I am considering something like a poinsettia. Just not sure. She is not doing well though - she is barely eating and there is internal bleeding somewhere as they've given her two pints of blood this week.

I have my appointment tomorrow to find out what my class schedule will be like in January. I am nervous. Imagine that??? I also talked to the teacher that I will work with for my first practicum. I will be at the elementary school where The Bug was a student for five years so I know the territory and the staff and the dress code! LOL ... Here I am worried about what to wear to work!!! I am hoping we'll find out tomorrow how many days we'll be at the schools so that I can get an idea of what life is going to be like around here come January. I want to take as many classes as possible so that I can hurry up and get this part of my education over and done.

Think that's about it for now. Sick and tired of all the rain we've had recently. Every time the rain starts up, I start to worry about getting sick again. It's not fun!

The Momster

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