Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching UP

A lot has been going on around here.

My grandmother is in the hospital again. She has pneumonia. It's all very touch and go. I am trying to wait till Friday to go and visit with her as this is the last week of school and The Bug wants to go as well. Daddy said if we'd wait till Friday we could all go up together.

We had to cancel my parents' anniversary party due to her hospitalization. When we initially got the call that she was going to the hospital we thought she wouldn't make it through the weekend. We've said a lot of prayers and been in constant contact to find out how she's doing and what her progress has been. Momma finally said that maybe it's just not meant to be - the party that is.

I am trying to fight off getting sick again as we are in the mist of some really dreary weather. Hubs has decided to start praying for snow for Christmas...since we prayed all summer long for rain. Maybe we'll get lucky, you know? I'd love to have snow at Christmas...that hasn't happened in a long time!

I'm working my way through the paperwork involved in going back to school. Trying to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row. I have a meeting on campus on Wednesday and hopefully after that I'll know what my schedule of classes is going to be like. I am seriously praying that they work out with my family's schedule. It might sound crazy, but I hope there are a lot of classes to choose from this semester because I plan on really loading myself up and getting through with this. I know where I will be for my first's at the elementary school where my daughter went and where used to sub all of the time. At least I am familiar with the administration and the faculty. I don't have to worry about what their dress code is either because I already know...that's one less thing to worry about! Now I just wonder how many days a week I'll be there!

I think that's all for now. Still need to wrap gifts. The tree is up - and that's about it for us this year. And that's fine. I'm trying to break out of my overachiever frame of mind and just be happy with what we've got on hand. Hopefully that's easier done than said. :)

Merry Christmas!
The Momster.. :)

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