Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's A New Day

Tomorrow my sister is having surgery. She's expected to be out of work and commission for 8 weeks as she heals. In the morning I will be picking up my Mom and we'll drive to the hospital to be there for moral support. I'm leaving Hubs in charge of getting The Bug off to school on time. I hope they wake up! I will have to set my phone to go off just to make sure to call them.

I went shopping today. It's funny - I walked out with halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas stuff all from one store. The halloween stuff and thanksgiving stuff was already marked way down and I found this Christmas bingo game for a dollar that I couldn't resist. Of course, none of that is why I went to the store. I went in to buy shampoo and soap. But they've rearranged the store and I ended up in the holiday section before I knew it.

My nephew is in Kuwait now. He's expecting to be in Iraq by Sunday. His new bride is so breaks my heart. She's going to pack up the rest of their stuff and have it transported to storage and then coming back home to look for a job. I cannot imagine how she must feel. She talked to him this morning so I think that might have helped some but talking to someone isn't the same as seeing them in the flesh.

My niece has the flu - I am worried about her (as usual). I wish I could just go and get her and make her come and live with me. Or my parents. She has recently gotten the cutest miniature Yorkie that I have ever seen. Her name is Annabelle and I've already volunteered to puppy sit. I think we all fell in love with her Sunday afternoon.

I'm having to deal with some behavior issues from our cat. I'm sure you can imagine what they are. I am so unhappy with her right now - and not sure what to do to try to correct this behavior. But today has been a good day after she and I had an unpleasant evening together yesterday. I am beginning to think it's a behavior issue that occurs after we have a lot of company (like this past weekend).

Already planning The Bug's Christmas party. Making arrangements to do all of our usual Christmas holiday traditions. I'm also going to take the girls in my class to a production that another church does here in town that I think they'll really enjoy. Too much to do and then you realize Christmas will be here before you know it. And in January I'll go back to school! Where does the time really go?

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