Friday, November 20, 2009

There's A Lot Going On....

  1. Picking up The Bug immediately after school and going to see New Moon... I already have the tickets so that we don't need to stand in line!
  2. Still in search for what we are going to wear to Daddy's induction into the music hall of fame here a week from Saturday. Bought a nice 'black tie' toppy thing at Macys... I want pants to go with it - looks like I need to go to Penneys to find the right type.
  3. Still searching for what The Bug is going to wear. Brought home a gorgeous LBD for her this week - but it's really not what she had in mind and I'll have to take up the straps if we decide to go this route. I thought it would be CUTE with purple pumps that I found at Kohls and a purple pashima... we'll see. So tomorrow we are going to Dillards.
  4. Christmas shopping - there, I said it.
  5. And wrapping!
  6. Party planning!
  7. Cleaning my house!
  8. Decking the halls...
  9. And let's not forget the yard...
  10. Checking on my registration status with the college

I am sure there's so much more to do - and so little time to do it all in... But excited about my movie time with The Bug.

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The Source said... was the movie? Was it fabulous? Or should I not waste my time? I haven't heard yet...

Good luck with the shopping!