Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life is Complicated

Life is complicated. True or false?

Life is hectic. Yes or no?

I am in the mist of doing too many things at one time. I am worrying about finances - because the holidays are coming and I have school starting back in January and usually by this time of the year I would have subbed somewhere around 50 or 60 days. At a minimum. I have subbed 1 in our public school system - and it was just a half day. Teachers are scared and jobs are scarce. I've subbed more days at a local preschool where I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. And in fact am working there later this week. But I'm still worried about complicated finances.

My dishwasher is dying. It's tragic and extremely emotional to watch an appliance on its last leg of life. (that was me being funny...) I think it's the motor. I will refuse to get a new dishwasher for Christmas. So right now I'm handwashing dishes but running them thru a cycle to really make sure all the germies are gone. How did we survive as children without a dishwasher in the house? Oh yeah...that dishwasher was me. Probably why I love my dishwasher and hate washing dishes. While I'm at it, did I tell you that our big tv in the living room went kaput? Yes... so while we are waiting for an estimate for repairs, we are watching the little 21 (?) inch tv that is usually in the bonus room. It's REALLY SMALL in the cabinet. I'm considering going to borrow the big tv from my parents' basement since nobody ever watches it.

My sister is home from the hospital - thanks for asking Source. She was sent home on Saturday. Yesterday morning I drove over to pick her up at home with my Dad - as they had no idea where she lived...isn't that sad? Today my niece is home from class and tomorrow she'll come back to my parents' house.

This morning was spent buying party invitations for my parents' anniversary party next month. And a Christmas tree for my mother's kitchen breakfast area. It's been raining here since late last night and I think I am drenched from the downpour. The Hubs is upstairs asleep so I am sitting here contemplating if there are any clothes that are dry in the laundry room. Drat my decision to put away all of the clothes late last night!

Have I ever mentioned that our cat is terrified of rain and storms and that she hides in a box on the landing when either of those events take place? That's a story for another day...

What about you - is life complicated?

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The Source said...

Yes. It's complicated more than you know!

I'm in agreement with your cat this week...too much thunder last night on the hubby's first night shift in three years. Darling Daughter and I aren't used to having no men in the house and we would have hidden in boxes if there were any large enough!