Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday...

You know, I actually had to check the calendar to make sure that I had the day of the week right. Is it possible to have already experienced at least a Wednesday in just one day? Or maybe it's just the meds and caffeine.

I had to head out to the Dr on Saturday morning. Since my last bout of allergy torture I just have not felt well. I woke up feeling much worse so I made myself brush my teeth and wash my face, throw on the closest thing that resembled clothes and heading out the door. Three hours later I was finally on my way back home. I could have self-diagnosed myself... sinus infection and allergies. Apparently there's a lot of ragweed in the atmosphere right now. Not to mention that all of the rain we've had recently has really been causing me a lot of problems.

Our church put on their production this weekend and it went really well. The Bug and I went Friday night. Hubs was working behind the scenes for all four shows. The house was nearly packed Friday and apparently again last night. Last night I stayed home to work on my parents anniversary invitations...

Which I mailed last night as well. About 40 invitations in the mail. Now there's no turning back. The date changed (yet again) before the invitations were printed so now we are on for December 13th... it's going to be a busy weekend. I'm taking my class to see another church's Christmas program that Friday night, Saturday night The Bug is having a party and then their celebration on Sunday. There feels like there's so much to do and so little time to get it all done in.

We are getting excited about watching New Moon this weekend. I'm curious to see the visual effects used in the movie and to see how they expand on the story. I noticed tonight at Target that there is New Moon stuff everywhere. Books. Companion books. A Scene It Game about Twilight. A Twilight and New Moon board game. Everything.

Started Christmas shopping today and feel like I've put a healthy dent in my shopping list. My dad is being inducted into the music hall of fame the Saturday after Thanksgiving so I've got to get something for The Bug and I both to wear. I want to wear pants to this one... It's black tie optional so I'm hoping we'll find something tomorrow when I head out to the mall.

That's about it for me. So glad to have all of the invitations out of the way. A little sad to start putting out all of the Christmas decorations so soon... I have enjoyed my fall stuff so much this year!

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