Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Oh My!

Halloween has come and gone and here are a few pictures from this year. Here's The Bug - as the Lioness. She has an affection for tutus after being the Midnight Fairy from last year... and they are easy to make! The costume changed a little since it was warmer here than originally expected. Rather than a mane she wore a ribbon. LOL And really BIG hair. Making her Momma, aka "80s Big Hair Gal" really happy!

The next picture is of the side bar in the dining room. The glass bowl next to the witch's hat actually shimmered - sort of like a crystal ball so the picture didn't do it justice. I just used this table to set up desserts - I figured we didn't need a lot since we were getting candy. They had caldron cakes (devils food cake with gummy worms and green candy icing along with milk chocolate icing) and eyeballs. Those were easy - white chocolate dipped donut holes. A lifesaver gummy and chocolate chip completed the iris and pupil.

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