Friday, November 20, 2009

There's A Lot Going On....

  1. Picking up The Bug immediately after school and going to see New Moon... I already have the tickets so that we don't need to stand in line!
  2. Still in search for what we are going to wear to Daddy's induction into the music hall of fame here a week from Saturday. Bought a nice 'black tie' toppy thing at Macys... I want pants to go with it - looks like I need to go to Penneys to find the right type.
  3. Still searching for what The Bug is going to wear. Brought home a gorgeous LBD for her this week - but it's really not what she had in mind and I'll have to take up the straps if we decide to go this route. I thought it would be CUTE with purple pumps that I found at Kohls and a purple pashima... we'll see. So tomorrow we are going to Dillards.
  4. Christmas shopping - there, I said it.
  5. And wrapping!
  6. Party planning!
  7. Cleaning my house!
  8. Decking the halls...
  9. And let's not forget the yard...
  10. Checking on my registration status with the college

I am sure there's so much more to do - and so little time to do it all in... But excited about my movie time with The Bug.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday...

You know, I actually had to check the calendar to make sure that I had the day of the week right. Is it possible to have already experienced at least a Wednesday in just one day? Or maybe it's just the meds and caffeine.

I had to head out to the Dr on Saturday morning. Since my last bout of allergy torture I just have not felt well. I woke up feeling much worse so I made myself brush my teeth and wash my face, throw on the closest thing that resembled clothes and heading out the door. Three hours later I was finally on my way back home. I could have self-diagnosed myself... sinus infection and allergies. Apparently there's a lot of ragweed in the atmosphere right now. Not to mention that all of the rain we've had recently has really been causing me a lot of problems.

Our church put on their production this weekend and it went really well. The Bug and I went Friday night. Hubs was working behind the scenes for all four shows. The house was nearly packed Friday and apparently again last night. Last night I stayed home to work on my parents anniversary invitations...

Which I mailed last night as well. About 40 invitations in the mail. Now there's no turning back. The date changed (yet again) before the invitations were printed so now we are on for December 13th... it's going to be a busy weekend. I'm taking my class to see another church's Christmas program that Friday night, Saturday night The Bug is having a party and then their celebration on Sunday. There feels like there's so much to do and so little time to get it all done in.

We are getting excited about watching New Moon this weekend. I'm curious to see the visual effects used in the movie and to see how they expand on the story. I noticed tonight at Target that there is New Moon stuff everywhere. Books. Companion books. A Scene It Game about Twilight. A Twilight and New Moon board game. Everything.

Started Christmas shopping today and feel like I've put a healthy dent in my shopping list. My dad is being inducted into the music hall of fame the Saturday after Thanksgiving so I've got to get something for The Bug and I both to wear. I want to wear pants to this one... It's black tie optional so I'm hoping we'll find something tomorrow when I head out to the mall.

That's about it for me. So glad to have all of the invitations out of the way. A little sad to start putting out all of the Christmas decorations so soon... I have enjoyed my fall stuff so much this year!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life is Complicated

Life is complicated. True or false?

Life is hectic. Yes or no?

I am in the mist of doing too many things at one time. I am worrying about finances - because the holidays are coming and I have school starting back in January and usually by this time of the year I would have subbed somewhere around 50 or 60 days. At a minimum. I have subbed 1 in our public school system - and it was just a half day. Teachers are scared and jobs are scarce. I've subbed more days at a local preschool where I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. And in fact am working there later this week. But I'm still worried about complicated finances.

My dishwasher is dying. It's tragic and extremely emotional to watch an appliance on its last leg of life. (that was me being funny...) I think it's the motor. I will refuse to get a new dishwasher for Christmas. So right now I'm handwashing dishes but running them thru a cycle to really make sure all the germies are gone. How did we survive as children without a dishwasher in the house? Oh yeah...that dishwasher was me. Probably why I love my dishwasher and hate washing dishes. While I'm at it, did I tell you that our big tv in the living room went kaput? Yes... so while we are waiting for an estimate for repairs, we are watching the little 21 (?) inch tv that is usually in the bonus room. It's REALLY SMALL in the cabinet. I'm considering going to borrow the big tv from my parents' basement since nobody ever watches it.

My sister is home from the hospital - thanks for asking Source. She was sent home on Saturday. Yesterday morning I drove over to pick her up at home with my Dad - as they had no idea where she lived...isn't that sad? Today my niece is home from class and tomorrow she'll come back to my parents' house.

This morning was spent buying party invitations for my parents' anniversary party next month. And a Christmas tree for my mother's kitchen breakfast area. It's been raining here since late last night and I think I am drenched from the downpour. The Hubs is upstairs asleep so I am sitting here contemplating if there are any clothes that are dry in the laundry room. Drat my decision to put away all of the clothes late last night!

Have I ever mentioned that our cat is terrified of rain and storms and that she hides in a box on the landing when either of those events take place? That's a story for another day...

What about you - is life complicated?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Oh My!

Halloween has come and gone and here are a few pictures from this year. Here's The Bug - as the Lioness. She has an affection for tutus after being the Midnight Fairy from last year... and they are easy to make! The costume changed a little since it was warmer here than originally expected. Rather than a mane she wore a ribbon. LOL And really BIG hair. Making her Momma, aka "80s Big Hair Gal" really happy!

The next picture is of the side bar in the dining room. The glass bowl next to the witch's hat actually shimmered - sort of like a crystal ball so the picture didn't do it justice. I just used this table to set up desserts - I figured we didn't need a lot since we were getting candy. They had caldron cakes (devils food cake with gummy worms and green candy icing along with milk chocolate icing) and eyeballs. Those were easy - white chocolate dipped donut holes. A lifesaver gummy and chocolate chip completed the iris and pupil.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Time Flies...

Today my daughter commented how just a week ago we were preparing for Halloween. I was busy putting the finishing touches on the house since we were having a party. I was praying that we would be spared the rain that came anyway. Tweaking the menu - and deciding what I just wouldn't have time to try this year. I had to finish the finishing touches for her costume, which included making 'ears' that she decided not to wear because we mastered the "BIG HAIR" she was after in the first place. And if I can ever remember to download the pictures, I'll have plenty to share.

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. I'm considering having the family here for Thanksgiving but I'm not sure. My Dad is more comfortable at his own home - in fact, he generally never visits for long if he and Momma come by. Still some time to think about it.

My parents have finally decided what we are going to do for their anniversary. Considering their 50th was in May, I feel guilty. My nephew's wedding made them postpone any type of celebration. Then I had wanted to have their party this weekend but my sister ended up scheduling her surgery for this week. My nephew left for Iraq on Monday. Too much has been going on. Anyway, they've told us they want to have something at their house the Sunday after Christmas. I still want to consider having it at a venue in town. The fellowship hall at the church is too small and there really is no room for people to sit. The old sanctuary is being converted into adult classrooms so that's not an option either. If it is at my parents', I've really got to get on the ball and order their invitations and get everything planned. With my sister's surgery I'm sure I'll need to do the majority of the work involved.

Classes start soon and I'm excited/nervous. I had completely forgotten that I have to have 3 references to get into the program so I made my contacts last night to ask for letters. My application status shows as pending. My calculated GPA is 3.88....darned Math classes!I'm nervous about the change it will bring around home being gone so much again. At times I've just thought "go get a job!" but I know this is something that I need to complete - it's important to me and to The Bug.

Next thing you know, I'll be posting about Christmas shopping and baking cookies!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's A New Day

Tomorrow my sister is having surgery. She's expected to be out of work and commission for 8 weeks as she heals. In the morning I will be picking up my Mom and we'll drive to the hospital to be there for moral support. I'm leaving Hubs in charge of getting The Bug off to school on time. I hope they wake up! I will have to set my phone to go off just to make sure to call them.

I went shopping today. It's funny - I walked out with halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas stuff all from one store. The halloween stuff and thanksgiving stuff was already marked way down and I found this Christmas bingo game for a dollar that I couldn't resist. Of course, none of that is why I went to the store. I went in to buy shampoo and soap. But they've rearranged the store and I ended up in the holiday section before I knew it.

My nephew is in Kuwait now. He's expecting to be in Iraq by Sunday. His new bride is so breaks my heart. She's going to pack up the rest of their stuff and have it transported to storage and then coming back home to look for a job. I cannot imagine how she must feel. She talked to him this morning so I think that might have helped some but talking to someone isn't the same as seeing them in the flesh.

My niece has the flu - I am worried about her (as usual). I wish I could just go and get her and make her come and live with me. Or my parents. She has recently gotten the cutest miniature Yorkie that I have ever seen. Her name is Annabelle and I've already volunteered to puppy sit. I think we all fell in love with her Sunday afternoon.

I'm having to deal with some behavior issues from our cat. I'm sure you can imagine what they are. I am so unhappy with her right now - and not sure what to do to try to correct this behavior. But today has been a good day after she and I had an unpleasant evening together yesterday. I am beginning to think it's a behavior issue that occurs after we have a lot of company (like this past weekend).

Already planning The Bug's Christmas party. Making arrangements to do all of our usual Christmas holiday traditions. I'm also going to take the girls in my class to a production that another church does here in town that I think they'll really enjoy. Too much to do and then you realize Christmas will be here before you know it. And in January I'll go back to school! Where does the time really go?

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today we had a special and bittersweet day with my extended family. We got up and went to church this morning, albeit we had to calm down from the panic of feeling like we'd overslept...till I remembered the time change and my two family members fell back asleep for a bit. I had sent a text to my sister near the end of the first service to see if they were coming to church today. They were on their way. I told her that I'd finish up with my class early so that I could come up and we could pray over my nephew. Hubs made it a point to tell the pastor that Joseph was leaving in the morning for a year's tour of duty in Iraq. He and I agreed to meet outside the sanctuary at about ten to twelve.

I rushed off to talk to the girls in the class about the subject of family. How God chooses to put us with the families that we are with for a reason. It was really an interesting lesson and I hope that they left the room with a different idea of why God created the family unit. We rushed from the room and The Bug, her BFF and I met Hubs and went in to sit through the last few minutes of the service. The invitation began and after a moment, Joseph, Danielle and his parents exited their pew and we joined them in the front of the church and prayed together as a family. My Mother had gotten sick during Sunday school - I think this has been a lot harder on her than I had realized - so they were not there. After the invitation ended, the pastor told the congregation that we were going to have a special moment of prayer for Joseph because he was leaving for a year. It was a highly emotional time and I think we were all silently crying at that point.

Church service ended and we went to drop the BFF off and headed home to grab some mac'n cheese and some desserts and headed down to my parents house for lunch. The Bug thought it was a great suggestion that we get together and have ham, his favorite holiday meal. We enjoyed our meal and spent time visiting and eventually he and Danielle had to leave to drive about 4 hours back to the base. What a bittersweet moment. I'll never forget standing there in the driveway and watching my family deal with saying goodbye. Wishing that I could burn that moment into my memory...his smile, his laugh, his hug... before they got into the car and drove away.

After several minutes of crying in the driveway, we headed back into the house. Daddy commented that this would be the first Christmas in over 26 years that Joseph wasn't there, minus the time they lived in Germany. I think we are emotionally spent.

Pray for our troops. Pray for those serving overseas. Pray for their families who are here at home. Danielle's coming home for the year that he's gone. How sad to be a new bride and watch your husband leave tomorrow, knowing it will be months and months before you see him again?