Monday, October 26, 2009

My Nephew

Our nephew, J, is leaving Monday for a year's duty in Iraq. I am shocked. We knew that he would originally go when he got his officer's assignment this past summer, but after his heat stroke and the serious health problems that it brought about, he was told it wouldn't happen. That he needed to rethink his future with the military. Instead the records from the damage he sustained have been lost (according to his sister) and now he's flying out Monday. I suggested that we get together for a family dinner on Sunday afternoon after church so we'll meet up at my parents' house that afternoon to say our goodbyes. We haven't seen him since the wedding so it's bittersweet to say the least.

D, his new bride, is moving back from their home near the base and is going to stay with her parents till he returns. This has all happened very last minute so they've been packing up their house and putting everything in storage and making the rounds to say goodbye. I cannot imagine being married less than 4 months and my husband going overseas for one entire year! I think this has made me realize how important our military branches are...and how their families give unselfishly to defend our freedom here in America.

This all just gives me an achy feeling in the pit of my stomach....

BTW, under my list of temptations I must admit that I need to list NOT ACCOMPLISH MUCH OF NOTHING today. I am actually considering staying up all night to see what I can get done because I can't do anything during the daytime hours tomorrow either! Calgon, take me away!

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The Source said...

Whoa...I'm really sorry to hear that he's going to have to leave. Amazing how records just disappear isn't it? My grandaddy (88 this past weekend) served in the Pacific during WWII, literally spent 3-4 years fighting the Japanese and struggling for his life...and he doesn't get the appropriate veterans benefits because his service records don't exist. They have been misplaced. I don't know why we have letters he sent home, photos and uniforms and momentos, not to mention his memories...but still.

I will be praying for your nephew's safety! And for his new bride's sanity!