Sunday, October 4, 2009

Joy and Happiness

This morning I had the opportunity to teach a classroom full of girls about joy and happiness. It was interesting to hear them try to give me a definition of joy that didn't include the word happy. It was interesting stressing to them that JOY is unfailing - never changes. A constant in the storm. Happiness is dependent on too many other factors. I just looked over next week's lesson briefly. Joy and contentment. That should be an interesting topic with a bunch of 12-14 year old girls don't cha think?

It's been an unusual weekend here at home. The Bug went to spend the night with a friend on Friday and to a local craft fair Saturday. They had a lot of fun. Something to make a Mom proud - they decided to wear these shirts... they say that Jesus is the light of the world. A play on the design from Twilight. I thought they were really cool and making a statement about their faith was completely their idea. They said this teenage girl stopped to ask if she could take a picture of their shirt - which they thought was cool.
Twice this weekend we had Mexican Pizza for dinner. On Friday night as generally The Bug doesn't like it and then I made a smaller one tonight - omitting the peppers...they loved it. I am in a cooking rut. I recently read that you should have 12 menus of family favorites to pull from when you just don't feel motivated. I cannot think of 12 meals that I enjoy cooking....? I think I need to introduce some new things into our plan. Or maybe it's the diet - who wants to cook ? But I've lost about 13 pounds so I guess complaining is moot.
That's about it. Working with "D" tomorrow morning. The Bug is having more teeth banded in the afternoon. Hubs has been feeling under the weather the past two days so I hope it's not contagious. Bug has been complaining about a headache for a couple of hours...hope she's not coming down with something as well. Otherwise, it might be a calgon moment in the making!

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The Source said...

Hey Slack...I often feel the same way about cooking. I don't actually mind the cooking part, but coming up with ideas about what to fix will drive me up the wall. A few months ago, we decided that a "meat, veggies, side item, bread" type meal wasn't necessary every night....or, well, I decided. We implemented a stuffed baked potato night, a salad night, a soup-chili-stew night, and so on. Nothing is easier than chopping up a head of lettuce and tossing in a few eggs, some cheese and chicken strips, then dousing it with honey mustard dressing. It fills them up and they love it.

Maybe we should share some family-faves that are simple?