Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'ts Like Deja Vue

Is that how you spell it? deja vue? Anyway... I have decided that I have got to stop shopping at Walmart. I'm tired of the rude employees that work there. I'm tired of the rising prices. I'm generally tired of the monopoly that they have on the entire retail market. I made the proclamation that while there are times when I understand that we have to go to Walmart, I am going to do better at supporting the local grocery stores in our area. I think, like The Source said recently, that I can do just as well with prices shopping at the local Kroger. I've just got to discipline myself to do this. And to stick to it! And to stick to my budget as well because Christmas is just around the corner!

Of course I had to make another run to Walmart tonight. In addition to my being sick, The Bug is sick as well. She's in her bed coughing her little head off. I had to get more cough medicine. She has an appointment with her doctor on Monday so I am really trying to just take care of this at home. She seems much better than she did earlier in the week so hopefully another day of rest and relaxation with help. As for me, I still am functioning around 80%. I wish that I could stop coughing and could actually breathe!

Halloween is coming up fast - I still have to finish her costume! The fall festival at church is this weekend so I've got to get busy with Charlie Brown's zigzag top and something to wear as Peppermint Patty. And we still need to spook the yard. Hopefully the weather will clear up (it's supposed to rain tomorrow) and we'll be able to get everything done. Hopefully...

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The Source said...

LOL I haven't been inside Walmart in weeks! Unfortunately, Kroger doesn't sell boys socks, so I may have to break down!

You need to load up your Kroger card with coupons and hit a few printable coupon sites before you shop. I manage to save a good bit, but I'm definitely not a coupon pro yet!