Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is It The Flu?

I am sick. Not the kind of sick where you cannot get out of bed. The kind of sick where you cough, cough, cough your head off. I have aches....but I think it is from the coughing. Yesterday I felt a lot better...but today, not so much. I reduced myself to taking some Nyquil this afternoon - which promptly took me out of this world for a few hours. I do not react well to things like Nyquil but I was desperate. I woke up in enough time to pick up The Bug from school. I have spent my daytime hours outside my house wearing a college football team hat - that should speak volumes to the people who know me...because how many times have you ever seen me in a hat????

My family is at the final night of revival right now. Just in case that this cold is something more, I have stayed at home....yet...again! I've missed the past three nights which I hate. I am hoping the messages will be up on the website later in the week. I even missed having Varsity for dinner! Well, okay they brought my plate back home for me... but it wasn't the same.

Halloween is just 17 days away. I am not ready. Got together the costumes that the yard treaters will be wearing but I still have not finished The Bug's costume. I hope to work on it tomorrow while I watch Pride and Prejudice for the 100th time. Still need to finish up my idea of haunting the dining room for the trick or treat party. I need to figure out what exactly Peppermint Patty wears... and how to pull that off. I might even get myself a short brown wig! That will be interesting!!!

Until the next time.... when hopefully I will be well!

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