Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm A Survivor...

I finally broke down and went to the Dr. on Friday. After many subtle hints about people and the swine flu and how much my family needs me. They'll have me around for a while longer. I have sinusitis and bronchitis. The latter I am not pleased about as it plagued me to no avail when I was younger... Now I have to be on alert for pneumonia. So I have taken it easy. No corn maze adventure last night. No going to the Oktoberfest this weekend. Instead we have had a very boring weekend where I have slept, slept, and slept some more. Partially from just being exhausted and another is the side effect of the medicine.

We watched "The Polar Express" in 3-D last night. Maybe it was the medicine... but I didn't think the adaptation was all that great. Too much red in the left lens of the 3-D glasses that came with the movie. I wish I knew where the handy dandy shades were that we got when we saw the Hannah Montana concert a few years ago. But we watched the movie and ate chocolate chip cookies and acted silly in general. Today we watched "Barnyard". I picked it up recently at Walmart for a whopping $3.00. It was entertaining for the price. Sometimes we'll sit and watch the cartoon (I know, we live the life over here!) and it's funny. It was a good excuse to curl up under the afghan and finish the chocolate chip cookies.

Halloween is in less than 2 weeks. I need to finish up our costumes. Being sick the past week has really messed up my schedule. I had thought about getting together the decorations for the yard, but it's just been too windy to do anything. Except sleep. Eat chocolate chip cookies. And watch a lot of TV. And with that...I'm feeling a little hungry... wonder what's for dinner?

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

Oh you poor thing! Take care... why is it we see our list of things to do get bigger when we really need just some time to recoup! And I like your recipe for a quick recovery that includes chocolate chip cookies :)