Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Lately I have been thinking about going back to work in some capacity. I have even applied for a job believe it or not... but it has hit me that there is no way I could actually do this job without some sort of modification of hours (and that's even if they wanted to hire me!) because I couldn't finish up my day and make it to the university in time for my classes that start in January. I emailed the director of the program last night to find out what time the classes start - usually 4 but sometimes later. I couldn't make it by 4 if I had this job. So back to the drawing board. I'll sit here and complain about the economy to myself and hope that something turns around soon.

I finished my enrollment application packet and got it all in the mail last night. Not only was there the application and fee, but I had to also include a copy of some test scores I had taken, verification that I have tort liability insurance, I had to include a four page essay on my philosophy of education and a list of my volunteer experience over the past several years. It's a good thing that I've done volunteer work since The Bug was just a toddler. I'm also about to start co-teaching a youth class at church so that will help fulfill their desire that the students be actively involved in volunteer work. For once I'm really not worried about getting accepted. I think I'm finally comfortable with my academic achievements and I don't feel the need to stress about acceptance anymore. But believe me ... if something goes wrong this next time around, I am done! I'll go find something else to do because this is just about to get on my last nerve!

Sometimes when I feel down because it's taking me so long to finish school, I make myself stop and look at all that I have done. I went back and got my associates in accounting. Then I got another one in education. I've been accepted into two really hard programs before and even though they didn't work out for me, I was easily accepted by their academic standards. We have a beautiful, engaging young lady that I'm honored to call my daughter. She's bright and witty, talented and everything that a Mommy could possibly want. I have a loving husband who is devoted to his family. I have two wonderful parents. A gorgeous ball of fur that follows me around the house...keeping an eye on me at all times. My friends know that I am faithful to them and trustworthy - it's one reason why I'm known as "Vegas"... what you tell me, stays with me. I live in a country where I am free to worship in my church, drive my own car, make my own decisions, color my own hair...what more could a girl ask for? Well except for...maybe peanut butter that contains no calories?

So to myself I promise that things are going to get brighter. Not only here with myself but also with the blog. Fun times abound.... buckle up!

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