Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reflections on housework

I was reading over at Scrappy Girl's this morning - this post - about housework and measuring up... when I got a text message from Hubs asking what I was up to. Why does that instill instant guilt in me because I'm sitting at the computer...not doing housework....even though he's not asking me "hey, are you vacuuming or doing dishes or changing bed linens or mowing the grass or coming up with a plan for world peace?". He just simply asked "Whatcha doin?"

I think the guilt might go back to this past weekend. He saw my parents at church and said something about The Bug being sick and us being at home. Mom called later to check on her and said they might come by. Insert creepy organ music hear. Now while I am a girl who loves her Momma... I have to tell you that I fall short of her expectations as a Keeper of the House. Gatekeeper of the Clean. Corraller of the Clutter. Do we need more titles or do you see my point? Because where my Momma is Miss Ultra Neat and Tidy... I am not. I would rather sit down and work on the latest puzzle with my family than organize the linen closet. I'd rather listen to The Bug read Inkspell to me rather than dust the baseboards. I would rather sit and create when the mood hits me rather than worry about cleaning off the dining room table in case we have last-minute company.

All of this in retrospect has made me wonder. Why is it that we will allow magazines to stack up on the end table or have 12 pairs of shoes laying around in the foyer and we are okay with it. But if company is coming, we get into a panic about picking everything up and making sure everything is just so. Do you really think that people care? Do you notice how clean people keep their houses? I mean, not the obvious where you walk in and there are stacks and stacks of junk around - I'm talking about the little stuff. Like Nerds on the coffee table. Dishes in the sink.

With that being said, I realize it's time to empty the trash in the bathroom and I really need to clean off my desk. I probably should go and tidy up the dining room table. Because you never know who might stop by later. Wanting to see if I've changed the sheets or they might just want to sit at the table and discuss world peace.

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The Source said...

I used to panic at the idea that someone would see our house in less than perfect condition...and then I had teenagers.

I used to worry about what their friends would think if they saw our house in chaos. Or what they'd tell their parents.

I'm telling you that once their buddies can (and do) stop by any hour of the day or night, you just get right over those inhibitions. As long as I'm wearing CLOTHING, I don't care any more what they think and how they find my house. We live here. LOL We clean up behind ourselves daily, but still...life gets messy. If anyone doesn't like it, they can go home. :) I'm happy to report that we're still usually the choice hangout.