Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pretty Silly Kitty Cat

I woke up with morning to the annoying sound of the alarm on my cell (it is my alarm clock of choice) and discovered a fluffy tail manuevering her way towards me on the bed. According to The Bug and generally anyone who sees the cat (as she hides when we have company) she has the fluffiest tail you have ever seen. Most days if she does not meet us when we come through the door she is asleep on "her chair" at the kitchen table. It's funny...we all have a seat where we normally sit at the table and she naturally naps in the vacant one that is used for guests.
She isn't the type to seek out affection. She just wants to be brushed and fed. She likes to play with her feather toy and she will carry it around with her at night - you can hear the handle of the toy hit the bed because sometimes she brings it to bed with her. She likes to sleep near your feet...I think she started this when I broke all of my toes a few years ago. She loves when we are doing nails - she likes to bite the emory boards for some reason.
She will sleep on her little kitty perch, which is a kitty condo of sorts, by the front window if someone is one the computer. She loves the big pillows from the sofa in the bonus room. She became ours about four years ago when we adopted her as The Bug's birthday gift in third grade. Her original name was Cupid. She has a brother named Comet. For me to be such a lover of all things Christmas it was a while before I realized she was named for one of Santa's reindeer!
She likes to hide under the coffee table and attack The Bug if she walks by. She likes tuna fish. If we all say her name...she ignores Hubs and The Bug...but not me. She coos like a dove when she's happy and growls like a wild animal if she's feeling playful. She loves when someone has an afghan out - she will come and "make biscuits" on it until it's time to fall asleep. That means that she will knead her paws and purr like you wouldn't believe. She's the favor focus of photography around here as far as The Bug is concerned. She was found in a cardboard box on the side of a road by the people who rescued her. Irony: she likes to hid in cardboard boxes and we keep one for her to cuddle up in when it storms because she is a scaredy cat!
Who would have thought adopting her four years ago would bring so much joy into our lives? She has a way of helping de-stress the most stressul day!

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Scrappy Girl said...

Pets are fabulous. I really miss the little dog we had to give back. Cutie was terrified of her.