Friday, September 18, 2009

Leaves Are Falling All Around...

The leaves have been doing their merry little dance lately as they fall to the ground. I'm not sure if it's the light breezes and rain we've had recently but I've noticed a pattern in the neighborhood - fall is on it's way. Tonight Hubs sent a text message on his way home from school and stated that it just felt like fall was in the air. While at Walmart this evening I commented to The Bug that I was almost tempted to buy some bowl bread things and fix chili...but with my luck it would be warm again tomorrow and we wouldn't be in the mood.

Speaking of fall... when is it too soon to start decorating for Halloween? I saw this idea somewhere online and for the life of me I can't remember where...but isn't it cute? They used that spray insulation stuff that you can put into cracks in the walls (behind sheetrock) and then I think they painted it or it was already yellow. The container is a plastic black caldron. I thought it was cute!

The other day I saw in a magazine where a family had made a few little trick or treaters to lead the way down their driveway... they looked like kids dressed up as ghosts. Another cute idea to play around with. Then there was a ring of ghosts made out of white plastic trash bags. Really cute - but where would I put them? We are talking about reviving the idea of the cemetary in the front yard this year - it was a big hit with our trick or treaters a few years ago. This time I want to make the tombstones out of some scrap lumber that we have so that they'll have longevity. There are a lot of ideas that we are thinking about - I just want to make things fun. Apparently this neighborhood used to really do a lot for the holidays but they've all become slackers. I want to do something fun to revive the spirit of celebration around here so we'll see.

We're already talking costumes. The Bug's going to be a Lioness. Hubs is probably going as Charlie Brown and I'm in a quandry - not sure if I want to go as Peppermint Patty or the Little Red Headed Girl.We have a picture of Hubs as a child - he looked like Chuck to me then! We'll see what works the best. I'll keep you posted and post pictures!

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