Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Conversations with my Mother

Around my house, there are no "Mothers". It's like a bad word of sorts. I am Mommy - unless we are in public - then I become known as "Mom". My mom is Momma. I cannot remember ever calling her anything else. By the way, my Dad is known as Daddy. That never changes either.

So each day I call to check in on my parents. It's our little ritual. If they don't hear from me, they call at night. Usually Momma knows something is wrong if we don't call just to check in. Case in point - I did not call Sunday so she called to check on us Sunday night. She knew how bad I was feeling when we left from going out to dinner with them Saturday afternoon. We went to Daddy's favorite restaurant to celebrate Hub's birthday. This place as the best fried chicken and The Bug loves their macaroni n cheese.

Well this afternoon I called to see how Momma's doctor appointment went because she hadn't been feeling well either and saw the ENT specialist today. We talked about my sister's upcoming surgery. The Bug's upcoming all-state chorus audition. The weather. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Their open house and our "hopeful" attempt to convince Daddy to let us do the Open House as a part of their anniversary party. Then we started talking about friends.

She had me laughing so hard at some of the comments that she made. Mind you, my mother is one of those sweet little southern ladies who would never intentionally say anything to offend someone. Just occasionally she'll say things that really hit the heart of a situation. We were talking about people and what makes a good friend and how it feels when you realize someone that you care genuinely for doesn't seem to appreciate all the effort you put into being their friend. She asked me one simple question just out of the blue...

Do I think I'm a good friend?

I do. I also think that I am someone who can easily make you laugh at a situation. She was funny reciting a recent article she'd read about how it is believed that you have to like yourself before other people can like you in return. I do like myself. I think I'm funny. I have a wickedly funny sense of humor if you get to know me. I laugh like Betty Rubble from the Flintstones when I'm tickled. I like to surround myself with laughter. I like people who like to laugh. Granted, I can be serious and occasionally I allow people to drag me down into their pits of misery, but I can find humor in a situation and rise again.

So we continued our conversation for a while. Momma would say something cute and crazy and I'd start laughing again. When we got off the phone I thought how fortunate I am that I have such a good relationship with my Momma. Yes at times we may drive each other a little batty but then again we're family.

So to Momma I want to say thank you. Thank you for making me...me. For allowing me to become the person that I am today. For teaching me that nothing is impossible if I put my mind to it and I can accomplish just about everything with you behind me and on my side. For reminding me of all my good qualities and even some of them that make me 'less than perfect' and still loving me no matter what.

Momma, I love you a million trillion world fulls!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

What a wonderful post and so true! I love to laugh and need to laugh and love sharing that with both my daughter and my mother is such a blessing!

life is too short to have one sided relationships with friends. Why did it take 45 years to learn that? :)

The Momster said...

When I read your blog I love the relationship you have with your daughter and son and family! I love how close you all are -

The Source said...

I loved this post. You're so blessed to have a momma that loves you so much. I hope that DD and I will continue to have a terrific relationship as she grows older...it's been pretty easy so far, but who knows about the next 16 years.

I was thinking about friends, though. I have had this one friend for the past 15 years that...while I've enjoyed the friendship and she's really sweet...well, she DRAGS people down. She's ALWAYS negative and the world is out to get HER specifically. Everyone is against her, in her view. Whenever I get off the phone with her, I feel so weighted down. Nothing anyone can say or do ever improves things for her. It's all awful, all the time. So...after 15 yrs, I just don't call her anymore. If was beginning to affect the way I looked at the world, too, and I didn't like it. There's no animosity there, I just feel more content not dealing with her.