Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bewitching Invitation

I spent an evening last week making these for a little Trick or Treat get-together The Bug is having this year with some of her friends. I thought they were cute and wanted to give them a shot.... I am surprised at how well they turned out....

Here's a picture of my effort... I think the girls will be pleasantly pleased... I especially love the artificial nail on the invitation! Did you realize they also make artificial nails for your toes??? I was amazed by that. And how expensive those items are. Luckily these came from the Dollar Tree. All cards cost me $2.00 - the nails and a pack of scrapbook paper that I found at Target ( love Target!) that was Halloween themed and had the green paper I needed to make the witch hands. Gotta love a craft that's cost-worthy!
Now I'm working on ice skates and mittens for her tree in her room. I have the feeling I'll get a lot done on them tomorrow as she is sick - has a fever - which means she'll be staying home with me.

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

that invite is adorably spooky! I always loved doing the halloween party for the kids!