Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting into a routine

We seem to have established our routine here at home as far as school being back in session for The Bug. Mornings are pretty much the norm. I wish we did a better job about bedtimes - we seem to always be late in my opinion.

The school system has already sent a letter home about confirmed flu cases in the school. Lovely. Two weeks into school - we are sick. One of the universities here has also reported 100 students with the flu - this seems awfully early to me to deal with the flu.

I decided to drop my classes at state. There are times when I'll think - what am I doing? Will I ever finish up? One of the deciding factors - well a few of them - I'm having some health issues that I'm having to see the doctor about. I discovered that NONE of my placements would be close to home. In fact, the middle and high schools in my area aren't even in their directory. So yesterday I went and did some research. I went to two local private universities to discuss their programs. One was extremely helpful - very informative - they have a program for adult learners and it sounded really interesting. The downfall - the tuition. With my GPA I qualify for our state's HOPE scholarship - they don't grant it in the beginning though -you have to earn 12 hours. That's a hefty chunk of change... The other one - well they were less than informative - in fact, I didn't get any warm and fuzzies while I was there. It's the one school that just feels like they are the big cheese I guess. Funny - she made a comment about state schools and how hard it was to get into the program where I just was at - I didn't say a word. Obviously I'm really not worried about getting into a program - I just need to figure out where I'm going to be.

I mentioned to my mother this morning that if my next venture doesn't work, I'm going to just do something else. I am going to another university tomorrow to meet with the head of their department. I couldn't enroll there until January - which makes me nervous about waiting - but it's a high need area which means a better chance of a job. It's not far from home. I'd get my scholarship from day one. The classes are later in the day but not too late. I am thinking about looking for a real job until classes begin - I just need to make sure where it is that I'm going to be until then.

I think I'm going to start walking in the mornings. I started to head out this morning but something came up. I'm thinking about hitting the pavement here after I get back from driving her to school. I think it would be good for me - and my heart - not to mention my health. It couldn't hurt - it could only make things better. I haven't been doing as well with my weight as I was this time last year.

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

wow it sounds like you have a lot going on! But it sounds like you know what you need to do. Oh my the whole weight thing is continuing to be an issue with me too! Heading to work out now!