Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow - Where Have I Been???

I know, it's been a while. I think we've been spending so much time getting ready for the upcoming wedding that I've hardly been at home lately. I can't tell you the number of times I've taken my mother shopping - just to see if we can't find her something else to wear to the wedding. I've bought and bought and bought dresses. Today I took back 5 of them. I found a black chiffon dress at Dillard's that's apparently the keeper. I think it will be comfortable in the heat of the evening during the outdoor ceremony and comfortable enough while doing the Electric Slide and Cupid Shuffle with The Bug during the reception.

Hubs knee is healing wonderfully. When we went back for our follow up appointment we found out that they also shaved the area behind his knee cap as he has some problems there. That explains the longer recovery period but he's doing great. He went back to work this week - I think he secretly missed the guys at work and the horseplay.

I had an interview with State Monday about their education program. Let me just say I have never been asked the questions that I was asked in this meeting. Then I had to write an essay - that was hard as well. I usually have no problem when given a writing assignment but this one was a dozy! I should hear something by July 17th about whether or not I'm in. My grades are good enough to get me into the program without any problem, but I worry about Monday's interview. I might need to look into a few other schools as a backup plan. Fingers crossed.

The Bug is doing well. Enjoying the summer. Enjoying the pool. We went yesterday and got our hair cut - hers is so cute! Last summer when she donated her hair to Locks of Love the girl who cut it really did butcher it. So we have been trying to let all of that grow out. She had it layered a bit more into her face and also has side bangs. It's adorable! Mine is shorter with bangs as well...We both needed to be updated and I'm glad it's over with. It was a treat from my Mom for all of the driving around and shopping we've been doing!

The wedding is 9 days from today. Mom and I are hosting a Bridesmaids Tea next Thursday. The ceremony is Friday so we'll be crazy ladies getting our hair, nails, and makeup done. My Dad's family is coming into town that day and are going to spend the night at my parents' house. We are all worried about the heat. My nephew is having some health problems due to a heatstroke he had a few weeks ago and now I'm worried about him being out in the heat as well.

I know I'm all over the place. Hopefully things will calm down a bit and I'll get to post more random stuff in the future. :)

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