Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today's Agenda

Good morning world... It's me. Awake and semi-ready to begin this Thursday. I say semi because I cannot seem to get up out of the chair and motivate myself to get started cleaning the house. Baby steps... gotta remember that!

So for today (and the next few days) I am going to be the aggressive house cleaner. I've neglected a few things recently with everything that's been going on. I told Hubs last night that my goal is simple - I want to have everything neat and tidy by the weekend. That means all of the rooms cleaned, furniture polished, floors vacuumed, laundry contained, dishes done, cabinets organized, pantry inventoried and stocked... you get the picture. Then I can start working on things around here like painting. I am beginning to think I was being a little overzealous when I made this decision but I've already informed The Bug that I own her and she has to help me clean everything up before we can have any fun.

I think I've become allergic to housework. Really. I'd rather sit here beside the furball and stare out the window at the traffic. What about you? What's your most dreaded chore that you like to put on the back burner?

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The Source said...

I tackled the kitchen cabinets this weekend and that was enough for me. I may move on to another room one of these days...or not. :) We don't have any traffic outside our windows, so I will just go stare at the birds.