Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Don't Know Where This Is Going...

You know, this has been a hard year. I know so many people who are struggling. Some by choice and some just by chance. Sometimes we head down roads or we cruise down paths with no idea where we are eventually going to end up. It's all a chance of faith or fate, depending on how you look at it. I thought about this after a conversation with my sister today. She's in Savannah visiting my nephew and her entire family, including the estranged BIL, is there. We were discussing how hard things are for so many people that we know. How people are struggling on so many different levels. And how we always ask those questions... "Why?" or "Why me?" or "Why now?" or my favorite " God, what am I supposed to learn?".

I look around me and I wonder how many people are truly happy with the life that's been dealt to them. Is it where you thought you'd be? How many people can honestly say that they are happy? That they are exactly where they thought they'd be? I guess what it really boils down to is how many people are really happy where they are on life's journey? How many people have gotten lost somewhere along the road and are having a hard time finding their way back? How many people wake up one day and think "How on earth did I get here?" How many try to find their way back to where they believe they should be - no matter the cost?

I know I've not mentioned it in depth, but my nephew recently suffered a heatstroke after a 4 mile jog that could have been fatal. This is my nephew who is getting married Friday night. His life has been permanently changed by this one event. I know that he has questions..what could he have done to prevent this? What if it happens again? What does this mean for his future? For Danielle's future? See, one minute life is moving along at an even speed and the next, the wind gets knocked out of your sail and you're setting course in a different direction. Why? What's to be learned from this event? It sort of makes you put a lot of things into perspective.

Before we were married, Hubs had an accident that could have been fatal. I told my friend "D" the other day that I didn't marry the man that I had fallen in love with. He was changed. Our relationship was changed. I worry about this for Joseph and Danielle. It's scary when you don't know what your future will bring your way. We were so close to getting married when he was hurt that we postponed our wedding from April to August... Here they are just days away from their wedding...

If you feel so inclined, please remember them in your prayers this week. Pray for God's healing and wisdom. Pray for those husbands and wives who are drifting along... pray for strength for those who are lonely and lost. Pray for those who are hurting. Those who are struggling. Pray for peace and calm for those who are lonely. Pray for healing for those who feel broken.

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The Source said...

I'm keeping your nephew and his future bride (till Friday) in my prayers. You're right, we just never know what life holds for us...fortunately none of it is a surprise to our God.