Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black Widows, Clean House and Reconciliation

Wow! What a week it has been here in Slackerville.

We have had a little episode lately where a squirrel went for a deep dive from a pine tree into our pool. Needless to say, the pool was drained and cleaned because Mr. Squirrel did not survive. And little people around this place freaked out at the idea of swimming where squirrels failed to succeed. So the pool was drained and scrubbed and much to my dismay, it was decided that we should refill the pool. Why?

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I ventured into the backyard where the pool was filling and noticed that the water was about to spill over the lip. I accessed the situation and decided to try to tug up the side. I got into the pool when I noticed a BLACK WIDOW on the side of the pool... so of course, I took a picture of it and sent it to Hubs, who was on his way to school. I finally conjured up the courage to kill it (never mind that the video might have made some money on Funniest Home Videos). The Bug came outside to see what I was doing...and we managed to discover 2 more spiders! YUCK. They are all dead and buried. Danger averted. Nightmares begin. I hate bugs. spiders. YUCK!

We have an addiction around here. It's called "Clean House". It comes on the Style Network a couple of times a day. Except for today ... it's on all afternoon apparently. Funny how Clean House can keep you from actually cleaning your house. These people live like nothing I have ever seen or imagined before! There was this guy who had a mountain of trash piled up in his backyard...covered with tarps. And then there's "Clean House Comes Clean". I don't know why, but The Bug and I especially enjoy the mayhem that goes on behind the scenes. Anybody ever wanted Matt, Mark and Trish to come to their house with Niecy to clean up your mess? Granted every time I watch this show I decide the garage really isn't messy...

And on to more interesting news. My sister called me Monday - she and my BIL are apparently reconciling and are going to buy another house. They have been spending more time together since J&D's wedding and apparently went out to coffee Sunday morning and talked about what it means and where they are headed. I'm still a little worried about the religion thing. I mean, I am not going to condemn ANYBODY for not going to church...but when you deny God and go another route, I'm more than worried. She said that he told her he'll go to church because he realizes it's important but that he has no desire to go to Sunday school. She doesn't go to SS anyway. She told him that they could find another church but that she doesn't want to move her membership. Not sure why? So apparently they are looking for houses closer to his work and my niece's college. I'm sure this means that I will not hear from her anymore as she has a tendency to only need me when things seem bad. But I am glad for them....

School starts back way too soon here. Next week we have Meet The Teachers. Tomorrow starts our tax free weekend. I am going to buy a lap if you have any suggestions, please let me know what they are. Pros and cons. Needs and whims. Whatever you want to share.

Guess that's it for now. Go out and enjoy your day :)

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Jo said...

we have three toshiba laptops here and have had no problems with them.

I can imagine the spider fiasco as I would have been the exact same way...snakes and spiders turn me into the biggest wimp. lol