Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black Widows, Clean House and Reconciliation

Wow! What a week it has been here in Slackerville.

We have had a little episode lately where a squirrel went for a deep dive from a pine tree into our pool. Needless to say, the pool was drained and cleaned because Mr. Squirrel did not survive. And little people around this place freaked out at the idea of swimming where squirrels failed to succeed. So the pool was drained and scrubbed and much to my dismay, it was decided that we should refill the pool. Why?

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I ventured into the backyard where the pool was filling and noticed that the water was about to spill over the lip. I accessed the situation and decided to try to tug up the side. I got into the pool when I noticed a BLACK WIDOW on the side of the pool... so of course, I took a picture of it and sent it to Hubs, who was on his way to school. I finally conjured up the courage to kill it (never mind that the video might have made some money on Funniest Home Videos). The Bug came outside to see what I was doing...and we managed to discover 2 more spiders! YUCK. They are all dead and buried. Danger averted. Nightmares begin. I hate bugs. spiders. YUCK!

We have an addiction around here. It's called "Clean House". It comes on the Style Network a couple of times a day. Except for today ... it's on all afternoon apparently. Funny how Clean House can keep you from actually cleaning your house. These people live like nothing I have ever seen or imagined before! There was this guy who had a mountain of trash piled up in his backyard...covered with tarps. And then there's "Clean House Comes Clean". I don't know why, but The Bug and I especially enjoy the mayhem that goes on behind the scenes. Anybody ever wanted Matt, Mark and Trish to come to their house with Niecy to clean up your mess? Granted every time I watch this show I decide the garage really isn't messy...

And on to more interesting news. My sister called me Monday - she and my BIL are apparently reconciling and are going to buy another house. They have been spending more time together since J&D's wedding and apparently went out to coffee Sunday morning and talked about what it means and where they are headed. I'm still a little worried about the religion thing. I mean, I am not going to condemn ANYBODY for not going to church...but when you deny God and go another route, I'm more than worried. She said that he told her he'll go to church because he realizes it's important but that he has no desire to go to Sunday school. She doesn't go to SS anyway. She told him that they could find another church but that she doesn't want to move her membership. Not sure why? So apparently they are looking for houses closer to his work and my niece's college. I'm sure this means that I will not hear from her anymore as she has a tendency to only need me when things seem bad. But I am glad for them....

School starts back way too soon here. Next week we have Meet The Teachers. Tomorrow starts our tax free weekend. I am going to buy a lap if you have any suggestions, please let me know what they are. Pros and cons. Needs and whims. Whatever you want to share.

Guess that's it for now. Go out and enjoy your day :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fitness Fridays

You know, why is it that we seem committed to something only to falter. Get off track. Slip. Do something that takes the train to a new station... away from the Weight Loss Way to IHOP. Or Waffle House. Or O'Charley's. You know what I'm talking about, right? Or am I the only one?

Today Hubs had to have some blood work done to check is cholesterol levels. I always dread this. Two fold dread mind you. 1.... I start feeling guilty for not cooking healthier meals. 2.... I worry because genetically the odds are just stacked against him. So this past week I've made better dinners... trying to make up for those cheeseburgers and fried french fries we've had lately. I guess we'll know in a few weeks what the damage is...

But it makes me realize. I got off track myself. I was doing so well. Losing weight and getting rid of my 'bigger me' clothes. Not even keeping anything to comfortably wear around the house...unless you count my hideous purple t-shirt that looks like it survived Hurricane Katrina. But I love this t-shirt and it's comfy and I hide from the public when I am wearing it. I'm off track here.... focusing back on weight loss. I need to get back on track. I need to realize that my new Levi's that were fitting really well aren't going to be fitting all that great when I head back to school unless I manage to lose some of the weight that I've gained back. I've got to come up with a game plan....

The scales live in my laundry room at the end of the upstairs hallway. I would put them in my bathroom...but have I ever told you that my bathroom has carpet? Yes... and have I told you that I HATE carpet in my bathroom? Because I do. Hate carpet in the bathroom. I'd rather have tile - but until that happens, I have carpet. So the laundry room is also the 'weight room' around here. I go in every morning and step on...and off...the scales about 10 times on average. Then I sort of take whatever weight seems to be most common. Heck, I've even stepped on it backwards! I have a weight watchers brand scale - it's really great - but sometimes I think it's whackers....hence the stepping on and off and on and off and on and off again. I think I need to come up with something, like a calendar that hangs on the wall so that I can monitor my weight loss. Or gain.

I need to make myself start waking up early in the morning and make myself get on the bike and ride my 30 minutes. Lately though The Bug has been sleeping in the guest room... because it's her old bedroom and for some reason she's wanted to be in there lately... But that's just an excuse. I need to hook up the gears on the workout machine on the sun porch and start working out. Go to the lake and walk. Go to my parents and use their treadmill. There are a lot of options here. I just need to motivate myself.

Maybe set up a reward system for myself...10 pounds - do something special for myself. Who knows? All I do know is that I've got to get back into the game. They say when you regain weight, you gain MORE than you lost. I don't need that to happen.

What about you? Where do you find your motivation? Got any advice...?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

I seem to do this a lot lately. Find myself surrounded by a lot of random thoughts. Sometimes at the most inopportune times. So here they are, in no particular order...

1. I am dreading school starting back. It's too soon. I want a longer summer vacation like we had when I was a kid. Not this 10 weeks and then you're thrown back into school work stuff.

2. I wish it would rain. Not some monsterous storm, but I wish that we'd get a good soaking a few days a week. My yard really needs it...

3. How did we ever communicate without texting? or even cell phones for that matter? And does all this modern technology hinder the future generation's ability to communicate without devices?

4. Where can I purchase a money tree to plant in the back yard? ....

5. Why is losing weight - and keeping it off - such a hard thing to do? Why is it that somewhere in the mix of being good you somehow slip and fall down a few rungs on the dieting ladder and suddenly find yourself back too close to where you started?

6. And who ever came up with the idea of eating whatever you want before you start back on your diet? It's like a pig out session and then you find yourself pigging out again and again and again? And speaking of that - peanut butter should be a controlled substance. That's all I'm saying 'bout that one....

7. What am I going to do for The Bug's birthday?

8. Why do I proscrastinate about putting the bonus room back into order? Why would I rather just shut the door and ignore it all?

9. Is the economy EVER going to turn around again?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

News Flash - Panther Alert

News Flash - There's a new panther in this house.....The letter came in today's mail...classes start in a month....

Today's Agenda

Good morning world... It's me. Awake and semi-ready to begin this Thursday. I say semi because I cannot seem to get up out of the chair and motivate myself to get started cleaning the house. Baby steps... gotta remember that!

So for today (and the next few days) I am going to be the aggressive house cleaner. I've neglected a few things recently with everything that's been going on. I told Hubs last night that my goal is simple - I want to have everything neat and tidy by the weekend. That means all of the rooms cleaned, furniture polished, floors vacuumed, laundry contained, dishes done, cabinets organized, pantry inventoried and stocked... you get the picture. Then I can start working on things around here like painting. I am beginning to think I was being a little overzealous when I made this decision but I've already informed The Bug that I own her and she has to help me clean everything up before we can have any fun.

I think I've become allergic to housework. Really. I'd rather sit here beside the furball and stare out the window at the traffic. What about you? What's your most dreaded chore that you like to put on the back burner?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Has Happened To Me?

Now before you think the last post was about me personally....let me just interject. I am far from the person that I wrote about the other day. The person who apparently thinks I am some sort of toy or ragdoll that you can treat however you wish... I have got to grow a thicker skin.

Today however is about me. I have lost me. It's true. I was here one day and then wham! I was gone - and I don't know where I got off to but I've got to find myself and bring her back. I'll read some of my old posts on here. I was funny. Chipper. Living the slackerville life like a blonde with a new bottle of peroxide. Not so much these days. Everything seems heavy...myself included.

I found myself sitting and staring into space yesterday evening. The Bug was at my parents. Hubs was in class. I ate a plate of chips with cheese sauce, drank my Coke Zero and zoned out. I didn't feel motivated to do anything. nothing. nada. zip. ziltch. donut holes. Well, okay technically if there had been any donut holes in the house I would have totally eaten them. Instead I cleaned out the bottom of my closet and vacuumed. It's an exciting life I'm telling you...

So today I got up, showered and scrunched my hair - still not sure if I like that effect, but hey I have curly hair...did you know that? - and got dressed, actually put on makeup and loaded the car down with things I had to take back to Dillards, Belk, Kohls, Target and Penneys. I have sort of been in denial about taking anything back recently. Told myself that I could not stop at Chickfila or in any store that might sell anything that's made of bread and covered in chocolate. Because while I did so well to lose weight last year... I think the weight has been secretly searching for me...high and low!

I've got to get out of this 'funk' that I'm in. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's because school starts back in less than 4 weeks. Maybe it's because I'm waiting to hear the dreadful decision from State about whether or not I'm accepted into their program. Maybe it's because the hoopla about the wedding has died down. Whatever it is, I've got to get up and get going.

Start back on my diet and exercise. Work in the yard. Organize the house. Paint the landing and upstairs hallway. Clean out the bonus room. Organize the garage. Redo the shelving in mine and Hub's closets. Get things ready for The Bug to go back to school. Decide if we're really going to rent something in the mountains for Thanksgiving this year - and hijack Mom and Dad to go along with us.

What do you do when you realize you've lost yourself?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Where Do You Decide to Compromise Your Life?

I am the only one 'technically' still awake her in slackerville. Hubs is asleep as he has been working extremely long hours lately...and starts a class that they've really been pushing for him to take (at work)...more on that at another time. The Bug is asleep...well because I'm the Mommy and I say so. She's probably up there thinking how boring... I have no idea where the cat is ... and this is odd because she is my little stalker. I cannot make one move without her knowing it.

Oh, I just looked behind me.. she is curled up by a table between the windows - using one of my random shoes as a pillow. She likes to use my stuff as her pillow. I am loved...

Okay, on to the topic for the night/day. When do you decide to compromise your own personal belief system in order to be happy? Like, let's say you swear up and down that you won't drink...and yet you socialize with people who guzzle alcohol like water. Or you decide not to smoke, but you surround yourself with people who burn it like a chimney stack? You say you won't swear, but your nearest and dearest could make the guys who work on the Deadliest Catch blush. You get the gist, right?

Like can you honestly think it's healthy to be in a relationship with someone who does not have the same morals or beliefs that you have? Meaning to say if you believe in God - and you choose to be in a relationship with someone who 'worships' the opposite... where do you compromise your morals and values to convince yourself that this is healthy? Where do you draw the line and stand firmly by it and where do you decide it's okay if the line is smudged and you just ignore it? Where do you decide to set aside YOURSELF, thinking that this person is ALL that you want and will ever NEED? I can remember having a Sunday School teacher once who was talking to one of the teenage girls before our class started. Ms. Bonnie told this girl that you should never date someone that you would not consider marrying. Because if they aren't marriage material, you should not basically compromise yourself.

And secondly... today I heard that apparently my BIL's brother and sister are like second parents to my niece and nephew. EXCUSE ME? Where were they when the kids were little and my sister didn't have money to buy diapers or groceries? Where were they when she needed someone to talk to in the middle of the night because things had gone so wrong? Where were they when all of this crap was going on???? Where were they when I was busting all over town trying to plan a bridal shower and a bridesmaid's luncheon? Where were they when my niece was sick? Or my nephew had football, baseball or soccer games? Chorus concerts? Not that I think that I am any better than them...but I'll be darned if that statement didn't hurt. Don't wasn't said directly to me.... it was said in casual conversation with my niece and mother - because my sister had made that statement apparently.

You know, I worry constantly that something will happen to us and someone will have to raise The Bug. Financially I know that my parents could and would do it - they only worry about keeping up with her school work but she's such a good student that I never have to help her so I know she'd be fine. With the mess that's become my sister's life - there is just no way I would feel comfortable putting The Bug in that situation. I have a wonderful Aunt who has no children of her own - but I don't know how that would work. I have a cousin who is more like an Aunt who lives near here and I know she would love and take better care of my daughter like she was her own. Hubs family is out of the question. We haven't seen his sister in over 12 years and that's the only true family he has.

Anyway, that's where my mind is right now. And I'm still waiting on word of whether or not I've been accepted into the COE program. I think I've gained some weight - well, okay I know I've gained some weight and I'm not happy about that. I'm going to miss Hubs while he takes his class. School starts back in 4 weeks. Summer is just rushing by and time is ticking while I sit here moving in slow motion. I don't want to be bitter about what my sister said - but I am so tired of being the responsible one who has to handle everything. I am tired of feeling like I'm disposable. I guess if his family actually liked her she'd throw me, Mom and Daddy away in a heartbeat. I have got to distance myself from this mess and get over it - otherwise it might make me loony!

What about you? How does your family drive you crazy?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Wedding Pictures

More pictures to share of the happy couple...

Here are the attendants with the bride. My niece is the beautiful girl on the left right beside the bride. ... well I guess 'technically' I now have two nieces!

My nephew and my sister, after she lit the candle....

It's still hard to believe that my little hair puller is married... I keep remembering him like this...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

They're Married...

Last night we finally went to my nephew's wedding... The weather cooperated, although I'm not sure how much the weather cooperates in the south in July... but at least we'd had rain for a few days so it was nice outside. Our minister did a wonderful job during the service - I think it was probably one of the better ceremonies I have been to in years! Everyone looked gorgeous. My grandmother, who is in her late 80s was there along with my two aunts. I made the comment that there probably aren't a lot of weddings where the great-grandmother and great aunts are in attendance.

Joseph looked handsome in his dress uniform. Danielle's gown was amazing! The mothers and grandmothers all looked beautiful. My sister, niece (who was a bridesmaid), The Bug, Mom and I all went and had our hair and makeup done beforehand. The Bug looked SO GROWN UP! Hubs looked handsome in his suit and tie. My Dad always looks so nice when we go to events like this - it was just a wonderful time! We got to do the Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide and even Thriller - so you know we had a great time. The Bug couldn't wait for the dancing to begin. My niece's boyfriend is so adorable... to get everyone started, we all got out there and did the cupid shuffle...Michael can really dance!
I just wish I had gone and gotten another camera as my digital went kapoot and I had to use those little disposable ones....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Don't Know Where This Is Going...

You know, this has been a hard year. I know so many people who are struggling. Some by choice and some just by chance. Sometimes we head down roads or we cruise down paths with no idea where we are eventually going to end up. It's all a chance of faith or fate, depending on how you look at it. I thought about this after a conversation with my sister today. She's in Savannah visiting my nephew and her entire family, including the estranged BIL, is there. We were discussing how hard things are for so many people that we know. How people are struggling on so many different levels. And how we always ask those questions... "Why?" or "Why me?" or "Why now?" or my favorite " God, what am I supposed to learn?".

I look around me and I wonder how many people are truly happy with the life that's been dealt to them. Is it where you thought you'd be? How many people can honestly say that they are happy? That they are exactly where they thought they'd be? I guess what it really boils down to is how many people are really happy where they are on life's journey? How many people have gotten lost somewhere along the road and are having a hard time finding their way back? How many people wake up one day and think "How on earth did I get here?" How many try to find their way back to where they believe they should be - no matter the cost?

I know I've not mentioned it in depth, but my nephew recently suffered a heatstroke after a 4 mile jog that could have been fatal. This is my nephew who is getting married Friday night. His life has been permanently changed by this one event. I know that he has questions..what could he have done to prevent this? What if it happens again? What does this mean for his future? For Danielle's future? See, one minute life is moving along at an even speed and the next, the wind gets knocked out of your sail and you're setting course in a different direction. Why? What's to be learned from this event? It sort of makes you put a lot of things into perspective.

Before we were married, Hubs had an accident that could have been fatal. I told my friend "D" the other day that I didn't marry the man that I had fallen in love with. He was changed. Our relationship was changed. I worry about this for Joseph and Danielle. It's scary when you don't know what your future will bring your way. We were so close to getting married when he was hurt that we postponed our wedding from April to August... Here they are just days away from their wedding...

If you feel so inclined, please remember them in your prayers this week. Pray for God's healing and wisdom. Pray for those husbands and wives who are drifting along... pray for strength for those who are lonely and lost. Pray for those who are hurting. Those who are struggling. Pray for peace and calm for those who are lonely. Pray for healing for those who feel broken.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow - Where Have I Been???

I know, it's been a while. I think we've been spending so much time getting ready for the upcoming wedding that I've hardly been at home lately. I can't tell you the number of times I've taken my mother shopping - just to see if we can't find her something else to wear to the wedding. I've bought and bought and bought dresses. Today I took back 5 of them. I found a black chiffon dress at Dillard's that's apparently the keeper. I think it will be comfortable in the heat of the evening during the outdoor ceremony and comfortable enough while doing the Electric Slide and Cupid Shuffle with The Bug during the reception.

Hubs knee is healing wonderfully. When we went back for our follow up appointment we found out that they also shaved the area behind his knee cap as he has some problems there. That explains the longer recovery period but he's doing great. He went back to work this week - I think he secretly missed the guys at work and the horseplay.

I had an interview with State Monday about their education program. Let me just say I have never been asked the questions that I was asked in this meeting. Then I had to write an essay - that was hard as well. I usually have no problem when given a writing assignment but this one was a dozy! I should hear something by July 17th about whether or not I'm in. My grades are good enough to get me into the program without any problem, but I worry about Monday's interview. I might need to look into a few other schools as a backup plan. Fingers crossed.

The Bug is doing well. Enjoying the summer. Enjoying the pool. We went yesterday and got our hair cut - hers is so cute! Last summer when she donated her hair to Locks of Love the girl who cut it really did butcher it. So we have been trying to let all of that grow out. She had it layered a bit more into her face and also has side bangs. It's adorable! Mine is shorter with bangs as well...We both needed to be updated and I'm glad it's over with. It was a treat from my Mom for all of the driving around and shopping we've been doing!

The wedding is 9 days from today. Mom and I are hosting a Bridesmaids Tea next Thursday. The ceremony is Friday so we'll be crazy ladies getting our hair, nails, and makeup done. My Dad's family is coming into town that day and are going to spend the night at my parents' house. We are all worried about the heat. My nephew is having some health problems due to a heatstroke he had a few weeks ago and now I'm worried about him being out in the heat as well.

I know I'm all over the place. Hopefully things will calm down a bit and I'll get to post more random stuff in the future. :)