Friday, June 5, 2009

Wedding Attire .... ?

So now we are at the point in the game where we are talking about wedding attire. Now my sister and the grandmothers are talking about dresses since the Mother of the Bride has chosen her gown for the festivities. I am sort of helping Mom even though my sister says she is looking as well. Since the wedding is outdoors, in July, in the south.... we need something to help Momma stay cool. I thought maybe something like an organza pants set. Sheer sleeves and pants that sort of mock a skirt but breathe. The wedding colors are black and white with something like a hot pink that's sort of like fuchsia.

Daddy is easy - dark suit and conservative tie. But what about us? The Bug has a gorgeous dress that we found back around Easter... it's perfect for the outdoor wedding as well as the dancing that will follow the reception. The problem? Finding shoes to go with the dress. That's been a nightmare but we think maybe we've solved our problem there with a pair that we found at Penneys. What do I wear? Seven at night, outdoor service and indoor reception that consists of a meal and dancing? I am assuming it should be a little black dress. What type of hem? Shoes? Then there's Hubs. Does he need to wear a dark suit? Could he wear a summer-weight sports coat, slacks and dress shirt? What do you think? I'm seriously soliciting advice at this stage.

I think the Bug and I are going to get our hair done in updos that day and we are going to get our makeup done as well. I don't want to bother having to do it all. She doesn't normally wear makeup, but I told her for this special occasion we'll do it. I just hope it's a lot of fun and we pull everything together before the big day....

Okay, so fire away with your advice....

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