Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ah, it is finished...

Ever have one of those projects coming at you like a load of bricks tumbling off an 18 wheeler as you drive around a curve? Yeah, me too. But it's done. Now on to the fun stuff.

We had the bridal shower to end all bridal showers on Sunday afternoon. I can say this because I truly cannot think of one more thing that we should have or could have done to make it more memorable. From creating our own special 'drink' for the occasion to decking out the table to finding the funniest games, doing the cutest goody bags.... you name it, we did it. And our feet can prove it because mine have been hurting ever since!

I wanted to post some pictures but I am having to reload my photo software on the computer. Hopefully I'll get them up later in the week. I ended up printing a 'booklet' like a program because we had so many games to be played. I found a great ice breaker that was like a scavenger hunt with the other guests. This made my sister and niece nervous because it would push them out of their 'comfort' zones but the ladies had so much fun...I had to wrangle them all in so that we could go on to our next event! Probably the highlight was a game called "You Don't Know J..." all about the groom. He came home Saturday and I met up with him and interviewed him with 30 questions. Then at the party, we gave Danielle a few minutes to answer the questions on paper, then she had to share her answers with her guests before I revealed that I have him on video answering the same questions. She got 24 of the 30 questions right!

Okay enough for now. This probably makes no sense as I have spent the past two days shopping for a cocktail dress for the wedding, the night at church and the evening cleaning the kitchen and chasing deer out of our garden....

Hope things are good in your little corner of the cyberuniverse :)

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The Source said...

It sounds like the shower was a hit! I would love to see photos. Have you had any luck finding a dress?