Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Medial Meniscus....mmmmmm

On Tuesday The Hubs had surgery to repair a tear to the medial meniscus of his knee. In other words, he had a tear in the cartilage of his left knee that will hopefully allow him to walk erect as God intended. Because the past few months it has been especially painful to watch him walk around the house with a bum leg.

I hate the feeling of watching them wheel away from you someone that you love so that they can put them under for any kind of surgery. There's a helplessness that comes from knowing that you are going to sit in a waiting room, surrounded by others who are doing the same thing, waiting on word that they're awake and in recovery. His procedure was supposed to take less than an hour - I finally got word they were finished about 2 hours later. Not sure what took so long. I was just relieved to get to see him laying there in the bed groggy as could be. I felt even better when we got home and I got him parked in the recliner in the den so that he could relax.

Today he can take his bandage off of his leg. I think he's removed some of the gauze but still hasn't looked at the few stitches he has as a souvenir. No showering till tomorrow - which is driving him crazy. No softball for a while. He can't even get in the pool for 2 weeks. Cancel that surprise idea of taking him to the beach for a few days. Why go to the beach if you cannot get in the water? So until next Thursday, we'll be sitting here at home . Watching a lot of tv apparently. Trying not to go stir crazy from the cabin fever.

On the plus side, The Bug is attending VBS at church this week and loving it. She played one of the major characters in the VBS drama on Sunday and I know she was glad that was over with. I'm impressed with how quickly these kids learned their lines. And it's been a good diversion for her not to be at home with us all morning. She was a little worried when her granddad picked her up for me yesterday but she was relieved once she got to come home and see her dad for herself.

I think that's all that's going on around here now. We are all just exhausted.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ah, it is finished...

Ever have one of those projects coming at you like a load of bricks tumbling off an 18 wheeler as you drive around a curve? Yeah, me too. But it's done. Now on to the fun stuff.

We had the bridal shower to end all bridal showers on Sunday afternoon. I can say this because I truly cannot think of one more thing that we should have or could have done to make it more memorable. From creating our own special 'drink' for the occasion to decking out the table to finding the funniest games, doing the cutest goody bags.... you name it, we did it. And our feet can prove it because mine have been hurting ever since!

I wanted to post some pictures but I am having to reload my photo software on the computer. Hopefully I'll get them up later in the week. I ended up printing a 'booklet' like a program because we had so many games to be played. I found a great ice breaker that was like a scavenger hunt with the other guests. This made my sister and niece nervous because it would push them out of their 'comfort' zones but the ladies had so much fun...I had to wrangle them all in so that we could go on to our next event! Probably the highlight was a game called "You Don't Know J..." all about the groom. He came home Saturday and I met up with him and interviewed him with 30 questions. Then at the party, we gave Danielle a few minutes to answer the questions on paper, then she had to share her answers with her guests before I revealed that I have him on video answering the same questions. She got 24 of the 30 questions right!

Okay enough for now. This probably makes no sense as I have spent the past two days shopping for a cocktail dress for the wedding, the night at church and the evening cleaning the kitchen and chasing deer out of our garden....

Hope things are good in your little corner of the cyberuniverse :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wedding Attire .... ?

So now we are at the point in the game where we are talking about wedding attire. Now my sister and the grandmothers are talking about dresses since the Mother of the Bride has chosen her gown for the festivities. I am sort of helping Mom even though my sister says she is looking as well. Since the wedding is outdoors, in July, in the south.... we need something to help Momma stay cool. I thought maybe something like an organza pants set. Sheer sleeves and pants that sort of mock a skirt but breathe. The wedding colors are black and white with something like a hot pink that's sort of like fuchsia.

Daddy is easy - dark suit and conservative tie. But what about us? The Bug has a gorgeous dress that we found back around Easter... it's perfect for the outdoor wedding as well as the dancing that will follow the reception. The problem? Finding shoes to go with the dress. That's been a nightmare but we think maybe we've solved our problem there with a pair that we found at Penneys. What do I wear? Seven at night, outdoor service and indoor reception that consists of a meal and dancing? I am assuming it should be a little black dress. What type of hem? Shoes? Then there's Hubs. Does he need to wear a dark suit? Could he wear a summer-weight sports coat, slacks and dress shirt? What do you think? I'm seriously soliciting advice at this stage.

I think the Bug and I are going to get our hair done in updos that day and we are going to get our makeup done as well. I don't want to bother having to do it all. She doesn't normally wear makeup, but I told her for this special occasion we'll do it. I just hope it's a lot of fun and we pull everything together before the big day....

Okay, so fire away with your advice....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Caution: Blondielocks and the Pressure Washer

No, you've not come across a title of a bad western. It's me. AKA slacker mom having what I like to call a Blondielock moment. Today I went to my parents' house to do a little pressure washing. And I came home tonight with sunburned arms, feet and neck. Oh yes...I could revel that dude who wears the Apple costume in the Fruit of the Loom underwear commercials.

I am sitting here asking myself...why? After the sunburn I suffered from a month ago from planting azaleas around the house.... why didn't I think to put on sunscreen or even wear my big hat that my family intentionally bought me...that was in the back of my van? My only reason... I was channeling my inner blonde diva. The one who thought it was FUN to be out there in the water. Who didn't care that she was FILTHY from the yucky stuff on the driveway and sidewalk. Who enjoyed coming home, showering and covering herself with Solarcaine like icing on a pig red velvet cake.... FUN I say, FUN!

What about you? Any skin cancer horror tales to share? I am sure my dermotologist would be oh so unhappy with me right now!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon - Like Whoa!

Check this out....

New Moon Promo at MTV Awards....

What do you think? At least Edward doesn't look as pasty as the last time...and I kind of like Jacob's transformation .... it could be worse....

Now I'm excited!