Friday, May 8, 2009

Now Open...The Slacker Mom Salad Bar

Yes, apparently the neighborhood deer have in deed found my yard. Because they have had an appetizer of green beans followed by a small salad ala hosta. All this past week. Isn't it nice of me to do my part to feed the animals? I thought so, too.

Actually I think it was a late-night picnic of sorts. They apparently went snacking Wednesday night. So last night we got home from the blow-out church softball game and I sprayed the hosta beds and the garden with the most disgusting smelling natural repellant that Hubs used last year. Next up is a recipe that the government actually did research on and the reports state it works just as well as anything bought at the store. We'll see.

This week has been an interesting one. I've worked most days. I need to get out and finish working in the yard - hopefully the weather will cooperate so that I can get some things done tonight and tomorrow. I need to go out and get something for my mother for Mother's Day. There just aren't enough days in a week - or even hours in a day - to do all that needs to be done apparently.

And that being said, I'm out the door and on my way to pick The Bug up from school. At least it will be nice and quiet in the car rider line so that I can read my book. :)

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The Source said...

The deer eat everything in my mom's yard, too. They've tried several things to stop them, but nothing works for long. Good luck! I only have a million bunnies to worry about here.