Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Been A While...

Things here have been busy. A lot of yard work. I sat down this morning to figure out exactly what I've been planting in our yard.

Over 2000 daffodil bulbs

About 150 iris bulbs

Over 70 hosta plants (some transplanted and divided)

29 azaleas

2 pencil holly trees

around 13 lantana plants

wave petunias

...and I've got tons of japanese holly shrubs, firepower nandinas and lorapetulam diamond backs to plant as well as more azaleas. Then I get to, fun, fun!

One thing I've realized with all of this yard work...the inside of your house gets neglected while you're trying to beautify the outside. This morning I woke up early because The Bug is having a friend over for the afternoon...and the downstairs was a wreck! I've finished up most of the straightening and cleaning but I'm also itching to get back outside and finish weeding and planting.

Last night I had to buy myself one of those large straw hats. Because while working outside late Thursday morning and afternoon, I got a horrible burn on my neck. But planting waits for nothing. Thank goodness for solarcaine spray!

Anybody else working ambitiously in their yard? Planting a garden? We have - but that's his territory :)


The Source said...

I've been working in the yard, but GEESH, you've put me to shame. How big is your yard anyway?? :) I have some pretty flowers, a few rose bushes, some other kind of yellow bushy things, and such. ANd then in the back we have veggies. But nothing like thousands of daffodils. If my hubby doesn't fix the weedeater, my flowers will be overtaken here soon.

I bet your yard is absolutely beautiful!

The Momster said...

Our yard is an acre - but we have raised islands, where all of the daffodils and irises have been 'entombed' recently. I've really, really been enjoying all this planting!