Sunday, May 31, 2009

In a Week...

It is one week until Dani's bridal shower. I am anxious and nervous. I used to LOVE hosting showers... I mean, if you were pregnant or getting married you knew that we were gonna have a great shower...but it's been a LONG time since I've known anybody who was either so I feel a little (and a lot) rusty!

Yesterday my sister and I met up and did lunch and a lot of planning. We ordered the cake. It's a white basketweave and the top is covered in red daisies. Round. Then we bought different things that we need. Champagne flutes for the punch. A black and white hatbox to hold the croissants. Table clothes. Utensils. Goody bag type stuff. Ribbon. Silk flowers. Marbles for the vases. The list could go on and on and on. I showed her my idea for the recipe book. We decided to buy a cookbook holder and to display it at the shower. This all set me off in my creative mode and when I got back home at 9 last night I sat down and put together all the 'background' work that is needed for the recipe book. Now I just need to compile the recipes together and make sure everything is in place. As soon as I can find the camera, I'll be sure to post some pictures to share. Opinions are appreciated around here afterall...

I called Dani's mom today since she had called and left a message WAY BACK when I was sick about her recipes. We started talking about the wedding and the showers. About how people are just DIFFERENT today about how they respond to invitations. I told her that I've been going through all of my old pictures so that I can give a disk of pictures to Dani that I have of Joseph from over the years. I take a lot of pictures so I'm sure I have a lot of things that his mom doesn't have. She said they were trying to get together pictures for the slide show at the reception so I told her I'd get the disk to them tomorrow afternoon when I pick up her recipes.

Hubs is seeing a surgeon tomorrow about his knee. This is a continous problem that he's had for several years and it is just getting worse. He can hardly walk right now. I am nervous. I am almost certain the words 'microscopic surgery' will be mentioned at some point. Just in time for the wedding. Of course, this might be a good excuse for him not to dance...because this man has no rhythm. None. Nada. That means I'll be the one doing The Cupid Shuffle with The Bug at the reception....good thing this mamma's got rhythm!

School is out for the summer. I cannot believe it. Where did the school year go????

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Scrappy Girl said...

We have 3 more days of school left! Don't'll be back in before we know it!