Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Think I Need To Join A Recovery Program...

Guess what derailed me on the way to the store this morning to buy some cold medicine? Azaleas. On sale at Walmart. For $1 a gallon. Guess how many I bought? Twenty-Eight. Can you say "She has an illness"? Because I do. I am afraid to count the number of azalea bushes that I have bought recently. Plus there are the three rooted ones that Mom gave me. It's an illness. There should be a patch for this sort of thing. Can you feel my enthusiasm about having to plant them?

Last night The Bug went to spend the night at the house of a friend from school/church. They had such a great time! When I went to pick her up this morning, we headed over to my parents house-because Mom had some irises that I could have - I just had to dig them up and bring them home. So I got a complete tubful (is that a word?) and brought them home with a hosta that was getting too much sun at her house. The Hubs asked me if all this flower taking was okay with my Mom when we were discussing it all last night. I think between her yard and my bargains found at Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot, I have done an incredible job in making over the yard. Only problem is... I'll have to wait until the spring to enjoy the daffodils and irises and blooming azaleas.

Tonight we are going to a viewing of Fireproof at our church. I'm excited. I hope that there's a good turnout tonight with couples in our community. This movie did a lot to wake us up in our relationship with each other as well as our relationship with God. I am just hoping that the cold medicine doesn't wear me out to where I start snoozing during the film!

What about you? Big yard projects going on?


Slacker MOM II said...

I like your old background better. Come down and get my black eye susans and daylillies for your yard. I am sure it is looking beautiful each day...Hope you have fun tonight.

The Source said... more yard for me. I spent Mother's Day mowing, weed-eating and edging, watering and pulling weeds. Not fun. I'm done with it. :) It's hubby's turn.