Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dress Code Drama

Yesterday afternoon my middle-schooler comes in telling me about an assembly they had with their team about the dress code for next year. Now I understand that there's a need for 'structure' but some of these are absurd. Let me share with you just a sampling....No tank tops under any garments. This apparently includes cami tops. No unnatural hair color. I know this is probably to get rid of the pink streaks (which I think is FUNNY!) but what about highlights? No frayed jeans. That's great...because the kids wear their jeans LONG and that way they'll get frayed on the hems. No holes. No patches over holes. No headbands. How do you like that one? No headbands! Because apparently people could use the ones with elastic to choke someone. Now let me state this right now... We don't live in the hood. We live in nice subdivisions in a suburban area. Everything that is worn has to be fingertip length. Even if they wear leggings underneath it - it has to reach the fingertips.

My problem with the fingertip comment is this. There's a mom who picks her child up each day. She wears 'gym clothes' or rather, really short shorts and tight tank tops. She often times gets out of her car and walks/jogs the track. The same track that surrounds the football field where the kids are using for PE. So, do these codes apply to her as well? Because I have overheard more than one mom discussing her dress code when our kids are not allowed to wear tank tops or shorts like that during their PE class. So who is going to make sure she gets the memo? Because we are told that the dress code applies to all school functions.

The punishments for dress code violations? In school suspension or out of school suspension. But when they finish at the middle school and head across the way to go to the high school, the dress code is thrown out the window yet again. And then we find out that the kids can't bring their left-over Chickfila chicken nuggets or pizza for lunch either. Because it causes jealousy. They can't have carbonated drinks either. That's something they've been allowed all year long. I'll be honest, there are days where my daughter has taken a sprite with her lunch -sometimes chicken nuggets! - because she likes sprite and doesn't eat school lunches and hates whole milk. The rules just get better and better from this point.

As Hubs put it last night, we might as well go out and purchase school uniforms at this point. There's no individuality allowed. Don't dare let the kids express themselves. Can you imagine the money that will be spent to replace all of those frayed blue jeans come the fall? It's insanity!


The Source said...

Gee...pretty soon the school will be mandating bedtimes and breakfast food as well...just in case one might get more sleep than the other and have an advantage. Those are some ridiculous tank tops UNDER another shirt? What's the reasoning behind that one? And why would they care what the kids eat for lunch? I would be more jealous of someone's new iPhone that their can of Sprite.

Our middle school declares that "shorts" can be no shorter than the top of the kneecap. Those aren't "shorts" they're "longs". Once they get to the high school it's the fingertip thing. And then they can wear tank tops with at least a three-finger-width strap. I would figure it better that an undeveloped child in 6th grade wear these things than a grown 18 yr old, but that's just me. Crazy.

Scrappy Girl said...

I had no idea that LJS stood for Leftovers Jealousy Syndrome! Come on! That is ridiculous. How can they not put tanks or camis underneath their shirts...that is the trend! I say the more clothes they put on...the better! LOL!

Slacker MOM II said...

Scrappy has a point. The more clothes they put on, the better...Anyway, I say stand up to the principal. Start a letter writing campaign. I want to know where you must be the hood....inner city...heck where I come from they have dress codes but not as insane as this one. BTW-headbands-seriously...I guess they want you to purchase their food to increase profit margin at the school to decrease the property tax...
Your friend...."D"