Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are Brownies A Breakfast Food?

Alert the presses. I am sick. Yet again. The wind is howling outside the front door - and I am sick. I am pretty sure it's just something like an allergy or just a generic head cold. No I don't think I have the Pig Flu (love that name....long story behind it though). I am actually feeling much better. But perhaps I should buy stock in Puffs.

Now on to more pressing banter. Do you think it would be okay to go and bake an 8x8 pan of brownies and eat them all up for breakfast? To go along with the Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero that I went by the store to buy after taking The Bug to school today? Because let me alert you to something friends. Cold Medicines and Allergy Medicines make you F A T. That's right. Because they work to increase your appetite. How do I know this? Because every time I restart my D I E T I get sick - and start taking either Claritin or something like that. And guess what? I get hungry. I mean H U N G R Y. I asked my doctor's nurse last time I saw them if that was true and she said unfortunately. Great - I keep gaining and losing the same 10 lbs - all because I'm well, I'm sick, I'm well, I'm sick. Isn't this just lovely? The box of brownies is sitting on the counter in the kitchen. Peanut Butter Cup Brownies at that. I feel my resistance is weakening.

On to more pressing topics. Have you ever been around someone that you sort of have a high regard for - and suddenly they do or say something that seems totally out of the 'character' that you have regarded them in - and your opinion is shattered? This happened to me yesterday while on the playground at school. Not giving away too many details, but the teachers that I was sitting with started talking about a certain subject ... and it shocked me a little bit. You know, I know that teachers are just like everybody else...but you would think that they would practice just the slightest bit of class when they are around someone that they don't know. The interesting thing here was that the person who brought up the subject... I had never met before. She just walked over and started in on a subject that I just felt was very inappropriate.

Today is about recovery for me. I need to make myself feel much better. I also need to go outside into the blistery wind at some point and do some more yard work. Hopefully we'll get the mulch that we need for the yard this weekend and finally be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Then I'm sure I'll get antsy and start talking about how we need to paint the living room or something like that. Because if it's not one's another :)

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The Source said...

The reason you keep getting sick, dear, is because you're supposed to buy Kleenex, NOT Puffs. Duh. Everyone knows that Kimberly Clark products make you better!

Also, yes, I know what you mean about opinions of people just being crushed. Weird isn't it? I mean, I know we're all only human, but some things you just don't expect out of certain folks.

Hope you feel better very soon!! Go make those brownies!