Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When Did I Move to the Windy City?

We are under a wind advisory until sometime this evening. Apparently there's some wind coming from the west... I thought all bad things came from the west, and apparently I'm right! It's whishing and gushing outside the window. And it's COLD if you are in the shade with this wind. Not to mention everyone's on 'alert' because we've had more rain than normal...so people are naturally expecting trees to fall left and right because the weather guy says so. Not that I'm knocking safety...or trees. Well, I do knock on wood for good luck some times, but again...another story for another day!

This morning I woke up around 4 with horrible chest pains. After having only slept for maybe 3 hours. I've been up since. No numbness in my limbs, but I have felt uncomfortable. Ate some toast around 6:30 - that may have helped. Started thinking it wasn't so smart to play the human earth mover all day yesterday. Thought about going to the doctor - but to be honest, I hate going to the doctor. They always tell you there's something wrong. Or they think you're crazy and it's all in your head, which was what I was afraid they'd tell me. So I'm supposed to take it easy today, Hubby's orders. That means no digging or playing in the dirt. But I still went and bought my 12 azaleas. I wanted more -but they didn't have this certain one. I took what I could get. Must stalk another Home Depot later!

It is time to get a new cell phone. Not sure though what I want one to do. Dishes would be AWESOME, but seeing how I can't motivate an 11-year old to do them, I don't think the phone's just gonna volunteer. I really don't care about checking my email from my phone or surfing the web...because then I'd have no reason to stay at home. I'd be such a techno nerd it would be unreal. I like a good camera though. Funny - we send pictures back and forth of the most insane things. I do know that I do not want anything remotely similar to my chocolate - which I call my Hello Kitty phone because it's pink. Like Hello Kitty. Who is actually white now that I think of it. Strange huh?

I guess that's where this post will end. Hope you're having a good day in your 100 acre wood - here in Momster Corner we'll just survive our blustery day. ... makes me think of Pooh :)


Slacker MOM II said...

I have one word for you...IPHONE>>>

You didn't tell you were having chest pains. I would have told you to take yourself to the DR this morning. BAD BAD

Sorry about earlier. I had to talk to the person who called me but you will never guess who I ran into in Michaels...Call me...

The Source said...

You have a CHOCOLATE phone and it's PINK? I'm confused.

Go to LOWE's and support my son. They sell azaleas, too. LOL

As for going to the doctor, if you still don't feel well today, you should definitely go. Although I'm not one to order people to the doctor cause I always think you end up catching something worse sitting in the waiting room.

Scrappy Girl said...

While I was gone on my little trip we had a windstorm...I have shingles in my backyard!