Monday, April 20, 2009

What A Day...

Wow -ever have one of those days where you keep and keep and keep hitting the snooze button only because you don't want to get up and ride the bike for 30 minutes? Yeah, welcome to my world!

So what's a momster to do? I get up - feed the cat (a mom's gotta have priorities...she keeps my feet warm when it's cold...she gets her breakfast FIRST). Then it's fix the pancakes for The Bug. It's CRCT week. I'm trying to get a medal apparently. :) Then it's upstairs to make sure everything's being done that should be done...which means making sure a certain young lady isn't falling asleep in the bathroom... Mom's old, but she remembers all too well doing that as a kid. Getting myself dressed. Packing the van and heading out the door. Phones charging. Conversations flying. Drop her off at school and decide to head out to price some mulch. And avoiding that dreaded bike ride. Spent the day in fact anywhere but here....

Finally bought some mulch - along with some cooking utensils on sale at Marshalls (where I never seem to shop), deodorant (just wanted you to know I have priorities about smelling good!), a lantana plant to match the one that grows back each year by the mailbox, a flat of pink wave petunias and some other funky looking flower for my wagon in the shade. Come home - change into my 'elephant pant' jeans...that's another story ENTIRELY... grab a PB&J and Diet Dr. Pepper and head down to my parents house to raid the yard of Hostas. Because my Mom apparently loves me...she has let me have free reign on stealing from her multiple flower beds. Brought home an entire cart full of plants - got them all planted before I had to pick The Bug up from school - although I was covered in dirt from the waist down and really needed a shower. Maybe I should have just tied the deodorant from a rope around the rear view mirror...ala soap on a rope!

Well we came home and I went out to see about moving the lantana the mailbox. That was a mistake. That thing has roots that you would not believe! Instead I just covered the roots up and decided instead to dig up and divide the daylilies that were not growing successfully by the driveway. I decided to relocate them to the flower bed where the lantana is planted. So now on both sides of the driveway, we have a mirror image - lantana and daylilies. Fingers crossed that everything survives. Then it's rush inside to get a shower to go to Karate class. To which The Bug was late - had to do pushups - because of me and my digging obsession. We went to Home Depot. Then Chickfila and picked her up to head home.

Got home - you'd think I would have come inside and relaxed right? Instead I changed clothes and went outside to finish planting the rest of the daylilies that I had left along with mulching the hosta bed that I had created. It was well after dark when I came inside. Because that wasn't enough...I decided to dig up the daffodil bulbs that were under the dogwood tree because they just aren't thriving. I watered everything. Come inside finally and took another shower and now am sitting here, prisoner to the computer while I'm running some files. Looking at landscape designs online. I swear, it's become an obsession!

This man stopped out beside the yard while I was working at the mailbox to tell me how much he likes the color of the house now and how it really just 'pops'. We laughed when he told me it made him think of a coffee from Starbucks - it's what I always think. Hubs says it makes him think of a Frosty from Wendys. Either way, I need to take some pictures so that we can document all of our hard work. Each time I'm outside working someone stops to ask what's going on. Someone asked me if we were moving...I kept thinking after all this work, you gotta be kidding me! I'm not digging up and planting over 1500 daffodils for someone else to enjoy my yard!

Tomorrow I am off to buy some azaleas if I can find the ones that I want. I need a lot more mulch. Poison ivy spray. And I am addicted to the idea of using those stupid stacking stones to 'frame' the beds out front. I keep and keep and keep pricing them. But we have so many could be insanely expensive. I'm seriously thinking about starting another area of hostas under the other pear tree... This gardening has become an addiction...nevermind that there are dirty dishes in the kitchen and laundry to be done! But to be honest, I feel so connected to my grandmother while I am out there, crawling around and digging in the dirt. I have been reminded of so many wonderful things about her since this all began.

What about you? Do you enjoy playing in the dirt? OR would you rather just sit and watch someone else do it for you?

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The Source said...

I LOVE it...and your yard sounds gorgeous. I have some returning Dianthus (sp?) that are beautiful this year and they're in a bed with lilies and irises and a yellow knock-out rose bush. Then I have some kind of yellow bushes. And another huge knock-out rose bush. And bleeding heart. And petunias.

OK and then the the back yard. Squash, cucumber, zucchini, lima beans, broccoli, red bell pepper, lady peas, okra, tomatoes, carrots and spinach. Whew. I like the veggie garden the best, I think. The flowers are pretty but I like to grow what we're going to eat.