Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just Catching Up...

After spending the better part of an hour catching up on reading blogs, I thought I'd post a little message. Not much is new here. We are winding down from Spring Break - with record cold temperatures and lots of rain this past week. The exterior painting has been postponed more days because of the miserable weather. Last Saturday it was too windy, so instead we did yard work. I planted maybe 300 irises around the 'islands' in our front yard...let's hope that they grow next spring. I have a gazillion day lily bulbs in the garage that need to go out as well. I need to head out and divide my hostas but that's probably an activity to take on this next week as I want to divide and move them. Maybe the weather will cooperate?

I should be up and getting things ready for Easter. Instead here I sit. Hubs is painting a wall in the kitchen. We decided to put an outlet on our landing, but to do so, we had to go through a wall...and the kitchen wall was obviously the best choice. After all, it's the longest stretch of wall in the house - but it also had some 'flaws' so we decided it was the best choice. So as the paint is drying, he decided to take the frig out of its place and paint behind it as well. So the frig is unplugged and sitting in front of the dishwasher and we can't reach the oven. So I guess boiling eggs is going to have to wait. I hate this procrastination side that we seem to have. It's really annoying!

On the brighter side, we'll be going to my parents house tomorrow for lunch after church. My 'assignments' were easy this year. 2 pies and a cantaloupe. ? You read that right. Thank you Kroger for having everything on sale. I had planned on making cupcakes for The Bug to take to her Sunday School class in the morning, but if I can't get to the oven... ? I still need to look around the attic and find her basket as well and make sure I've got everything that we need. She had a friend spend the night last night so until we take her home, I guess I'm not going to the store.

Bridal shower update - the invitations are almost finished. When I'm done, I'll post a picture here. I think they turned out really cute. It's not my original idea, but it works. Now I just need to get them in the mail and start working on the other stuff that I can do beforehand. My sister is not having surgery so now I feel guilty about postponing my parents' anniversary party so I guess I need to firm up a day for that and start making calls/arrangements, too. And then there's the college application deadline that's looming over my head. I really need to get on the ball. But apparently it's that procrastination problem again... welcome to my world!

I really think that I should make myself sit down and make a list of things that need to be done. Maybe then I would have a little bit of success when it comes to marking things off of my list. Maybe that'll be my birthday resolution this year - to actually accomplish the things that I put on my list - because I do better with making resolutions now than I do when I make them in January...

What about you? What do you procrastinate over? The Bug told me that when she asks me a question lately, my standard answer is "We'll see....".

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