Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fitness/Finance

Good morning! It's a cool morning here - a little too much chill in the air to get outside and tackle any projects, so I am at my parents' house taking down the wallpaper in the master bathroom that is upstairs. All of their bathrooms are wallpapered - but after moving in, we took down the paper in the master downstairs and now I'm tackling up here - several years later. It was a yucky 1980s print with some blue and beige. I'll be glad to have it all down and paint the walls instead!

I've been such a slacker about losing weight lately. I'm really not happy with myself in this area. In fact, it was as if Easter was a big 'pig out fest' that still has not ended! I have got to do something to get back on my 'program' so that I can lose some weight by the summer. I do not desire sweating like a pig at my nephew's outside wedding in July. I don't want to have to sit on an ice block or better yet, run to the restroom every 15 minutes to 'freshen' up. So I am going to have to make myself commit to getting out of the bed every morning and doing my 30 minutes on my bike. Regardless of how I feel. Or how much I love to sleep.

But on the plus size (no weight pun intended) I have been reading Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Revisited. I love it so far. Sure some things totally don't apply to me right now. But it's made me more aware of my spending and saving habits. It's made me sit down and take a good look at our financial picture and make some decisions on how to tackle the things that I do not like. It's made me seriously look at the idea of snowballing our bills. I just have to be committed to this, too.

I have asked The Bug if she'd like to have a Slumber Party sometime soon. You know, so that I can get to know some of the girls that she's always talking about from school. She's not too crazy about the idea - she says it's because she's so focused on the CRCT. ? What? So we'll see what happens. I thought it would be a cool way for the girls to get to hang out at the house and just do whatever she thinks would be good. Rockband. Nails. Whatever. What puzzles me is that if my Mom had said "Well make a list of people and let's see what we can do" I would have been all over that like white on rice. Not quite sure what's up? Obviously it's not my karaoking... Because I rock. ! LOL

Anyway, have a great weekend. Get outside and soak up some sunshine. Wiggle your toes in the freshly mowed grass. Come down and help me plant those darned daffodil bulbs!


The Source said...

We're puttin up a clothes line this weekend. No really! I always wanted to try it. I'll probably give up when it's 102 out, but for the spring it might be good.

I can't get back on the weight loss wagon either. I feel dumpy. Help!

Slacker MOM II said...

I will be right over to help you out....Hey, I know your birthday is this month but can't remember the actual day. Happy Birthday my dear sweet friend. I need to get the Dave Ramsey book back to the church so when you are done, can I have it back. Sorry, I was hoping they would forget that I have it...LOL LOL Are you going to go to the Dave Ramsey presentation at your church. If so I might go with you...D