Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Day In The Yard...

Exhausted. That's one word to sum up how I feel right now. Recently we've been spending a lot of time working outside in the yard together. Today, Hubs painted some more since we actually had sunshine with very little wind! I took our recyclables in and then came home and got busy planting daffodil bulbs in the front islands. I think I worked a total of maybe 6 hours - planting over 1500 bulbs in just one island. We stopped for about an hour and drove down to my parents house for hot dogs and cake. Not together - but in that order. Then we came back and continued working. The lantana is planted at the driveway and the wave petunias are in their hanging baskets. Moved our 'little wooden cart' and got it prepped to plant some more wave petunias in it as soon as I make another trip to the store. Everything's watered, even though we are expecting rain tonight and tomorrow.

Do you ever feel a little cheated when you put out bulbs? Because you have to wait to reap the benefits of your work. That's how I feel about putting out the irises and the daffodils. It's a lot of work, just to wait to see them blossom in the spring. My lantana is doing well that we planted last week. We are going to shop for some azalea bushes tomorrow to plant in the islands as well since I just trimmed the tree branches that kept grabbing my hair today. Mom has a ton of hostas that are coming up all over her flower bed that I'm going to get one evening this week. I think I ended up planting over 20 hostas the other afternoon and I still have room for more.

And that's my weekend summary. Church tomorrow morning. And tomorrow night. Shopping inbetween. And just being grateful for my three family hanging out for the day.

Be blessed!

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